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I’ve got it really good December 13, 2011

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Hey there!

Sounds like a good week with lots of Christmas decorating :)  I can’t believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away! I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit weird seeing all the Christmas decorations go up around the streets when it is SOOOO HOT! I really feel for you and the heater problem… I think I’d be alright with a night of having to bundle up a bit :) I forgot to put on sunscreen a day this week and got roasted.
I’ve noted not to call between 7-8:30… let me know when Travis is planning on calling and I’ll make a point to call around then. We’ve got several people who are more than willing to let us use their computer so I can make it happen :)
Sounds like a good week of football was had by all. All being BYU and Skyline :) Yay for a BYU victory and YAY FOR SKYLINE STATE CHAMPIONS!
Well it was a good week here. We were able to mark a date with Fran. (not sure if I mentioned her yet…) She’s the sister of a member and a daughter of an eternal investigator. She’s super sincere and I have no doubt that she’ll end up being the solid example in her family. Her sister is a bit wishy-washy when it comes to the church. Can I just say that it is really hard to teach someone about the importance of being at church every week when the member sister doesn’t go very consistently, ugh!
Bianca will do baptisms in the temple this weekend! So excited for her! Mara is still on the back burner a bit because of her job, end of the year rush and all that jazz. Oh what I wouldn’t give to find this girl a new job!
Trying to think of other noteworthy occurrences this week… We’re teaching a lot of people right now but seriously lacking on the progress…
Cute story last night. We passed by this family we’ve been teaching forever (the parents aren’t married so it´s going to be a long time coming….) Anyway we went by there last night and Hugo (10 year old, actually the only one who really wants to be baptized but can’t without his parents…)  asked if he could say the prayer. He prayed that me and Sister Ferreira don´t get transferred this week. Someone mentioned to him that transfers are this week and that it´s a possibility even though it really is a slim to nothing chance that we’ll be transferred… anyway it was the cutest thing hearing him pray that we’d stay here to keep teaching him and his family.
I sure love you all! Thanks so much for the love and support. I know I’ve got it really good!
I can’t wait to talk to you in a couple weeks!
Love you!
Sister Lund

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we’re “stuck” together December 6, 2011

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Thanks for the birthday singing in perfect harmony :) I did get the birthday package and christmas package this week. (No worries, the Christmas box is sitting nice and shut under our mini tree and I intend to leave it that way till the 25th… we´ll see if will power holds out!) Thanks so much! We´ve got a churrasco planned at the Theobaldo house tomorrow and I´m pretty stoked :) I´ll be eating well for my birthday for sure!

President Prieto´s brother lived in our stake here in Sorocaba and will definitely be missed. It was such a shock for everyone this week. I had the chance to get to know him a little bit since I´ve been here, we passed his work almost every day. A really good man, I have no doubt the Lord needed him on the other side.
I actually had just finished a Christmas card to Grandpa this morning, I´ll get that in the mail for sure right after I finish writing you all. I can imagine that Christmas would be so hard without the perspective the gospel gives us. I´m so thankful to know that we’re “stuck” together as mommy always says :)
I´ll definitely keep Grandma Lund in my prayers, hope everything goes well with recovery and the next surgery!
We had a pretty good week here. Everything went well with Bianca´s confirmation (had to wait a week because of stake conference…) It was so cute, her cousin Renan (14 yr) bore his testimony about how exciting it is to see his family expanding in the church. Love them!
The biggest highlight of the week was an amazing birthday surprise that still has me smiling from ear to ear, I had a birthday visit from Jaçanã yesterday! Maxiny and Fernada with Maxiny´s dad came to visit. They went to church with us and then later Maxiny and Fernada came out teaching with us. Can I just say that has got to be one of the best feelings ever to have a recent convert come out teaching with you in a completely different area and have her testify of things this investigator really needs to hear?! I just love her!
Some pics of the week:

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how you and your family can be happier November 29, 2011

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Yay for officially entering the Christmas Season!!! I’m glad you all made it back safe..

Did I read that right?! Mom has been converted to Settlers?! Will that last till I get home? I would sincerely like to play with you mommy :) Did dad say “congratulations Carol you have won!”? Because he definitely owes you if he didn’t!
What a relief the peanut butter embargo has been lifted :) I was telling travis he really does have an in with all of Brazil. I didn’t even know who the new elders were in the office. He probably knows more about my mission than I do!
It was another good week here. The Thanksgiving dinner Alda made us was AMAZING! She really outdid herself this time, it was sooooo good!  For weeks they’ve been asking what kinds of things we eat for thanksgiving and they really did make just about everything. They even did our juice/sprite mix! I’ll try to send pictures with this e-mail but this computer is acting rather spastic so you might have to wait till next week…

Everything went really well with Bianca’s baptism on Saturday. Her uncle Márcio baptized her and there was such a sweet spirit there. This is the same uncle that was helping us teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and her eyes lit up when she made the connection that her uncle has the priesthood. It was such a neat experience! Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Theobaldo family?! We went out knocking doors with Andréa yesterday and she did pretty much the entire contact every time “hi I´m Andréa, I´m your neighbor I live in that house over there, these are my friends from the church I go to, they’re here to talk to you about Jesus and explain how you and your family can be happier” She’s just so cute and excited about everything people can’t help but let us in!
I hope you all have a good week. I sure love you!

Sister Lund

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I´m glad to be where I am November 27, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Irmã Alda is making a Thanksgiving dinner for us on Thursday. Love her! It
was planned back during last transfer when Sister Wohlford was still here,
too bad she’ll be missing out on a traditional dinner.

Yay for Christmas season approaching! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! And seeing as
Brazil doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving there’s not even an argument about
decorating too early. The paper stores already have all their decorations
out, we’ve been singing Christmas hymns in sacrament meeting the last two
weeks and I’m loving it! We´ve been starting to use the Joy to the World
DVD with some families and every time I squeal a little bit with
excitement. We didn´t use it last year in Colorado but it´s such a good way
to show that Christ really is the Savior of the WORLD and because of that,
signs were given not just where he was born but also here in the Americas.

This week was definitely one with lots of ups and downs. Up being that
Bianca will be baptized on Saturday! YAY! Down being that Mara won´t be :(
We had to push it back for sometime in December due to that pesky job of
hers… It´ll all work out though, she´s defintiely got a testimony, I have
no doubt that she´ll be baptized in the next couple of weeks.
The Theobaldo family is still amazingly golden and the most solid family of
recent converts I have ever seen. We continue to get references from them
every time we´re there and not just from our area. We´ve been able to pass
several other areas references as well from this family, because they
seriously talk to EVERYONE!
I´m glad you get to spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa and everyone back there
this year. Wish I could be there with you but I´m glad to be where I am :)
I love you all and am thankful you´re my parents!
You can add my leaves to the thankful tree this year:
I´m thankful for…..

  • The opportunity to be a missionary
  • the knowledge of the gospel
  • our family being sealed in the temple
  • our family :)
  • my amazing friends
  • being able to serve a mission at the same time and in the same country as my buddy and little bro Travis
  • the people who have changed my life here in brazil
  • the amazing fruit! (Still not quite sure how Jeffrey didn´t learn to appreciate bananas in this country…)
  • that Sister Martins said at our training this week that sisters no longer have to use closed toed shoes
  • having a house on the same street as our church
  • and most of all for our Savior Jesus Christ who makes everything possible and worth it.

I love you all! Give everyone in Michigan a hug for me! Have a great week!
Sister Lund


in need of a miracle of sorts November 14, 2011

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Hey there!

The zoo was awesome!! I did in fact see lots of wild monkeys :) At lunch today the news was saying that a man in the zoo yesterday jumped the barrier to go play with the monkeys I took a picture of and they attacked him hardcore, pretty sure he’s still in the hospital. That sounds pretty wild to me!
I can’t believe how big Bekka is getting! I can’t wait to skype with you all next month and see this little girl in action :)
yay for a BYU win! Next season I’ll be there!!!
This week was really good for us. Bianca continues to be super firm for her baptism on the 26th. She finally was able to move in with her mom so she’s set! Mara is still a little shaky, things were settled at work so she could go to church and then at the last minute things came up… We’re still planning on them both being baptized that weekend but we’re in need of a miracle of sorts.
We’ve continued to get a lot of teaching in up by where this family of recent converts lives. Every time we pass by there they’ve got someone new they want us to teach. I love seeing the excitement they have for the gospel, they seriously are fearless when it comes to talking to people!
I sure love you guys! Thanks for all of your love and support, I’m one lucky girl! Have a great week!!
Love and miss you lots and lots!
Sister Lund

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Fearless about talking about the gospel November 9, 2011

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Hey there! P-day got changed this week due to a mission conference with Elder Godoy and Elder Evans. SOOOO GOOD! They both talked a ton about reactivation and the important part we as full-time missionaries play in this work. It was also really fun to get to see everyone, especially Sister Silva! I have missed that girl so much!! She sends a hug and a kiss to the family :)

It feels like it´s been forever and a day since I´ve been able to write home. A lot has happened, I´m not even really sure where to start…


As far as news on my end…. Sister Wohlford got transfered :( We both agreed this transfer was just a nice piece of home, sad to see it end so quick but life goes on. I´m now with Sister Ferreira dos Santos who happens to be best friends from home with Sister Santos that I was with in Jaçanã. They´re seriously like the same person, only sister ferreira has slightly less complicated health issues. She served for a transfer in the same mission as Sister Owens from the MTC! Small world. She´s super stoked about the work so that´s been good. This week we were able to also mark the same baptismal date with Bianca´s mom Mara. I love this family! Everything is finally coming together for all of them. We have also been able to teach a lot of this family´s neighbors. They are seriously fearless about talking about the gospel, regardless of reactions they get. And it´s working! The majority of people we´re teaching now live in their little neighborhood.
This afternoon because P-day got switched to Wednesday we´re going to go to the zoo! (It´s always closed on Mondays…) Remember how I almost went to see a wild monkey in Jandira? Well, it won´t be wild but I´m pretty excited to see a brazilian monkey in the zoo today :)
Picture time!

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I love you all lots and lots! Hope you have an amazing week! Do what´s right, remember who you are and all that good stuff :)
Love you!

Sister Lund


I love having people to teach! November 1, 2011

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Happy Halloween!! We had interviews with President this week which means mail, which means I got your packages which means we’ve been enjoying our candy today :) Brazil also celebrates day of the dead which will be Wednesday. They seriously have a day for everything and everyone, they sure like to celebrate! (or just have days off…)  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I got both the pictures you sent and the rescue box with much needed peanut butter and other necessities :) Thank you! I loved the pictures! Sister Wohlford appreciated that you made captions with post its. We’ve been using my Costco pack of post its for a quote wall in our apartment. She said the post it use must run in the family :)

Happy 10 years at Microsoft daddy! That’s crazy to think it’s already been 10 years.
I’m with Travis, any team over the Texas Rangers. I don’t even really follow Seattle anymore but I’m still holding on to that grudge against A-rod.
Bummer about BYU and the Sounders…. better luck next week!

We  had a really really good week! We were able to mark a baptism date with Bianca! (I can never remember what I’ve mentioned in e-mails and what I tell president, and what I mention in random letters….) So just in case you need some background… There’s this family of recent converts, actually two brothers and their families and their mother who all live in the same housing, kinda like grandpa and aunt Dawn and Cindy. They have one more sister who has taken all the lessons, loves it, knows it’s true but works Sundays so can’t be at church. This sister Mara has a daughter named Bianca who lives with her dad and comes to Mara’s house on the weekends. We’ve taught her from time to time when we happen to be there on the weekends and she also loves it. We had an AMAZING lesson with her Saturday night and she said she wants to be baptized! It was such a neat experience explaining about baptism and the need to be baptized by proper priesthood authority. She asked how you know when someone has the priesthood and we had her uncle Marcio explain to Bianca how he received the priesthood. Her eyes just lit up when she realized that her uncle has the power of God. It was so neat! She came to church yesterday and loved it. This family is seriously amazing.
We’ve been teaching so much with members lately. I don’t know what changed or what got everyone so excited but we’ve been so blessed with references and help from the members! I love having people to teach!

Transfers is already this week again. This by far has been the fastest transfer of the mission so far. We’re hoping we get another one together, there’s still a lot we need to do in this area together!
Hope you all have a great week! Don’t forget that I love you!!

Sister Lund

Companion Inventory??!!

Good thing I practiced so much in Jaçanã :)