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One last time from São Paulo… January 30, 2012

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Hey There, one last time from São Paulo….

Good to know everyone’s in the know :) To say the least it’s been an
extremely strange week, lots and lots of tears, moments of peace,
laughs and everything in between. I don’t even know where to begin
with explaining how I feel because it changes every 5 sec.

President called Monday night and said he needed to talk to me and
Sister Felipe before the conference in the interior with Elder Godoy
on Tuesday so to be there early. We both got there super early but
President didn’t have time to talk to us. We were speculating about
what he could possibly have to tell us, probably about the area, I
know that the sisters that were there before had some serious problems
with the members not respecting them (they share the area with the
assistants and feel like they don’t need sisters…) Anway, the
conference was great and then afterwards President pulled us aside and
started talking… my head starts spinnig trying to figure out where
he´s going with everything when he tells us that in reality we don´t
have an area and that our release date has been changed to Feb 2nd.
Wait WHAT?! I kept waiting for him to say “Just kidding! Now go work
hard your last couple months” but that didn’t happen…. He mentioned
what Elder Godoy said in the conference about how he’s going back to
visit recent converts from his mission and strengthening them 30 years
later. President said we have one week to do that. I still thought he
was talking about Morumbi and I thought “what good will that do, we
don’t even know this area!” Then as President continued talking I
realized he was talking about OUR recent converts in OUR old areas.
That brought a little bit of comfort that we’d be able to visit our
old areas here in the capital seeing as we both served our whole
missions here with the expecption of the last couple of months.

After we left the conference we went to Alda and Ronaldo’s house where
she had planned on having a goodbye to Cerrado which turned into a
goodbye to Brazil. To say the least I wasn´t ok with life at that
point. I was a hysterical mess. I’d finally get myself together try to
eat something and then someone would say something that set me off
again and I just cried and cried and cried and cried. I thought it
would be hard to leave Cerrado in general but knowing that in one week
I’d be leaving brazil, made it so much harder.

Wednesday was so much worse. Half the mission was in the office for
transfers “hey sisters what area you going to?” “home…” cried
and cried and cried and cried. It was the worse feeling in the world.
I think in the first 48 hours of president talking with us I got 6 hours of sleep
(not in a row) and only stopped crying when I was sleeping.

Thursday was a really good day though… I was able to get a blessing
from the elders in the office which helped me to be a little calmer. I
was able to start eating again and not cry every 5 minutes. Then we
were able to go to the temple. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! I went in feeling
completely exhausted, drained, confused, hurt, disappointed, every
emotion you can possibly think of. I had one of the most spiritual
experiences of my mission in the temple (another time another place
I’ll share it…) and ever since then I feel so much at peace with
everything. Still don’t understand why it’s ending this way, why it
has to end now, but I have no doubt in my mind that it’s the will of
the Lord.

Saturday we made a trip over to Jaçanã which gave me a lot of closure.
We had lunch with Silivia and I can go home in peace, knowing that
she’s firm and solid. I thought it back then but on Saturday I thought
it again, if nothing else happened in the 16 months I was a full time
missionary, it was all worth it to see Silvia’s life change.

Yesterday we went to church in Vertentes and Caxingui. We didn’t want
to spend our last sunday on the mission in a ward that neither of us
served in so we asked the elders if we could go there. I think they
all feel bad enough for us they’d seriously let us do anything at this
point. It was a really neat experience to see everything come full
circle. My first and last sunday in brazil in the same ward. (I
understood a whole lot more this time :) ) I was really surprised at
how many people actually remembered me seeing as I only was there for
5 weeks and I didn’t speak the language. We sat behind a recent
convert family that my companions and I had picked them up as
investigators that first Sunday almost a year ago. In Cax, I sat next
to two young women who we were teaching back then. It was so neat to
see how many people that we were working with back then ended up
getting baptized and how they are active.
Today we’re spending one last P-day in the center with the other
sisters in the capital (Sister Wohlford is in my zone! For this
week…) Tomorrow and Wednesday we’ll be helping Sister Martins by
cleaning out some empty mission apartments and then Thursday we head
out. Sister Felipe and I have said many times this week that we´re glad we
have this week together.
To sum everything up…. I’m still in a state of disbelief, it doesn’t
feel real yet. I loved the chance to go back to Jaçanã and see
everyone. I don’t understand the reason behind the sudden change in
release date but I trust that it´s the will of the Lord.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It definitely wasn’t very
traditional; two countries, two languages, 3 mission presidents, 7-8
areas, 16 months, variety of companions… but I wouldn´t trade my
mission for the world.

I want to thank you all for all of the love and support. It made a
world of difference. I fully recognize that “I’m spoiled” and that
I’ve got it good :)

I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the Lord’s work. That
the Church is true, the only true and LIVING church on the earth
today. We have a living prophet who speaks with God today. The Book of
Mormon is truly the word of God. The power of the preisthood is real.
Prayer is such a powerful tool that I´ve come to learn how to use more
than ever before. Through temple sealings our families can be togheter
forever (you’re stuck with me!) I know that Christ lives and that he
loves us. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us,
trust in Him, He knows what He´s doing.

I love you all, and I’ll see you soon!

Sister Lund


I’m stoked to get to serve January 24, 2012

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Hey there!

We also lost power one day this week, but not due to ice and snow. It was raining and windy like I’ve never seen in my life. It’s been a much welcomed break from the heat, it was killing me! (yeah yeah I know of the 3 missions here in Brazil I’ve got it the easiest as far as heat is concerned but it’s a bit much for me :) )
I’m trying to think about what you could get Aaron and the only things that are coming to mind are the stuff they give you in the MTC. I remember being all exciting about getting a “head start” before I reported and well… I never got too far so I’m not sure what would have helped. OH what was fun was a phrase book that Sarah Means got me, I remember using it with Torrie on our road trip, probably pronouncing everything wrong but it was a fun way to pass the time. Torrie: Que Saudades! (That one I remember :) )
We had a fun P-day today. All the missionaries in the interior went to a pizza place owned by an investigator who will be baptized next month. He opened it especially for us and we all got to make our own pizzas at all that jazz. It was a lot of fun. I’ll try attaching some pictures.
I feel like I had other news from the week but to be honest my head is spinning from the transfer call and all ready the good-bye calls have started…. I know I just explained everything to you mommy in your e-mail but to sum it up for other readers… I’m going to Morumbi with Sister Felipe to open the area. It’ll be an adventure! I’m stoked to get to serve with her again for her last transfer, we’ve been saying that for a year now that we were cheated with only being together for 3 weeks. I love that girl! Sister Silva is taking my place here in Cerrado with Sister Ferreira. Bummed that we won’t be closer :(

Love you all! Have a great week! Thanks for the love and support. The church is true!

Sister Lund

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stifling a laugh January 16, 2012

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Hello all!

Another week has flown by. Sounds like you had a good week.It snowed?! I enjoyed the picture :) Someone was asking me about snow the other day. It blows my mind that people go through life never experiencing snow.
News from this week… People are starting to get back from the new year´s travels. Yay! An investigator Ricardo (can´t remember if I mentioned him before…) got back and is super excited about everything. Only problem is, like travis´ investigators, he is quite the smoker.  We´re working on it though! He´s really funny to teach. He´s this cute little old man who lives alone and is really lonely so when we’re there he likes to talk and talk and talk and talk. It´s hard to get a word in with him before he joins in. One day this week we were teaching him and I tried to close out the lesson a good 5 times before I finally was able to close in the name of Jesus Christ. Then Márcio goes to pray and Ricardo still doesn’t stop talking! I have never had such a hard time stifling a laugh during a prayer before in my life! Funny old man :)
Another strong potential is a young man named Luiz who is a friend of Bianca. He came to church yesterday and afterwards we were able to teach him. He was super receptive. He said his family life is less than ideal and he’s looking for some form of stability in his life. It was a really neat experience to be able to testify about how the restored gospel gives us just that.
So random fun game from this week. I discovered that singing girls camp songs in english to Alda and Ronaldo´s 2 year old twin grandsons is really fun. They just about roll on the floor laughing and they can’t even understand me! I wonder if Bekka would have the same reaction if I were to sing a Portuguese song to her.
Well that about sums up my week. Thanks for all your love and support. It makes a world of difference! I sure love you all lots and lots!
Have a great week! Know that I love you and pray for you all.
Sister Lund

Planted a seed January 10, 2012

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Sounds like you all had a good week! Small world about the contractor serving in Jeffrey´s mission. Our ward mission leader Eufrasio also served in Recife but it was quite a while ago.

So as far as our week goes…. it was pretty uneventful. Lots of people are still traveling. This week a young woman in the ward Amanda came out teaching with us for a few days. It was so fun to have her with us! She’s seriously so excited about talking to everyone. I loved watching her start contacts and after every one of them when we walked away “well… at least we planted a seed!” she’ll make a great sister in 4 years. She reminds me a lot of Maxiny from Jaçanã. We were contacting some former investigators from the area book this week and it was interesting to see everyone’s reaction. Some were definitely not ready to have the missionaries come back and others were a little bit more open. One woman Katia we were talking to said she really liked the elders but never felt that the church was right. “Did you read the Book of Mormon? Did you pray?” “Well, no…” hmmm… there in lies your problem my friend :) There’s a reason why we invite everyone to do that! It’s so simple and yet so many people fail to do the little things that will help them know it´s true. Alma 37:6-7 is sooooo true!
I hope you all have a great week! Know that I love you :) Thanks for the support!!
Sister Lund

True servants of God January 2, 2012

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Happy New Year!

Congrats on making it all the way to midnight! There sure was no question as to when the clock struck midnight here. It sounded like world war 3 was happening on our street. It actually made me laugh because I remembered freshman summer the boys of budge hall had to leave their dorm because it was in the “fall out zone” for the stadium of fire, yeah pretty sure a fall out zone does not exist in this country when it comes to fire works. It sure was pretty though!
That´s too bad I´ll just miss Aaron. It sounds like visas come through better this time of year so hopefully he won’t have a problem. I forgot, which mission in brazil is he coming to?
Yay for a BYU victory! Good luck to Jake Heaps in the future but I’m pretty stoked to be back in the stands next year!!
Random story from the week. We were doing contacts close to the church one afternoon and a car drives by and honks, we wave but don’t think much of it (I didn’t actually see who it was). A few minutes later we hear a booming voice from behind us saying that these two young women are true servants of God and that their message will change your life. We turned and who happens to be behind us? President Martins! He was in the area for an interview with another stake and decided to come help us with our contact after he saw us on the street. The woman didn’t live in our area but it sure was an unforgetable contact for us! We say every day that we’re representatives of Jesus Christ but out of no where to hear your mission president say that to the person you’re doing a contact with really makes you stop and think about what you’re saying.
Hope you all have a great week! Love you lots and lots!
Sister Lund

I wouldn’t trade my Christmas experience December 26, 2011

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It sure was great talking to you all yesterday! Best Christmas present ever!

Thanks for the packages Mommy and Daddy and The Reisings, I sure love you lots and lots!!
So yesterday after our call we went back to the Theobaldo’s and made smores. So fun watching all of them make smores for the first time! Most of them had seen them made in the movies but never actually experienced them. So funny!!!!!! Someone said they always thought it was cheese they were roasting! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed making smores more in my entire life. I love this family so much!!!
Another funny thing was giving them all candy canes. It never occurred to me that Brazil didn´t have candy canes as a common thing. For most of them it was a first experience as well. Little things that I just don’t even think about any more were such a novelty and excitement to them. It was hilarious.
It definitely goes both ways though, yesterday when Márcio and Júnior lifted up the grill top and showed me an entire pig sitting there I just about freaked out. It had a mouth with teeth and everything! They were rather entertained by my excitement.

I sure miss you all lots and lots and wish I could’ve been with you all yesterday but I wouldn’t trade my Christmas experience here for the world. It was soooo much fun!

Love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Lund

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reflect on Christ´s birth December 20, 2011

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Hello all!

It´s hard to belive that Christmas is already this Sunday! I’ll do my best to call as close to 3pm as I can. Can’t wait to talk to and SEE you all! Hopefully that works out for Travis as well, I miss that kid :)
Random question for my parents who are serving in the primary, hopefully you´ll be able to help me with something. Last night Ronaldo asked about what prophet came after another certain prophet so I was singing “Latter day prophets” and I got to the part where Gordon B Hinckley leads the way, we hear and follow his words today…. and then I realized that´s probably changed since I was in primary. How does that song end these days with President Monson? Maybe you can sing it to me on Sunday :)


News from this week…. lots of ups and downs…. Downs being that anyone who was showing any sign of progressing has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. Not even kidding they’ve all gone MIA. Hopefully after the rush of the end of the year they’ll all reappear but for the time being we’re on the search for new people to teach.
A highlight from the week, we were able to start teaching Graziana´s whole family this week. (I think I mentioned her way back when… She was inactive and one day we contacted her mom who said she wasn´t interested but she has a daughter who would like to come back- Graziana…) Graziana has been coming to church with us since then and this week we had dinner with the family and showed the movie ´´Joy to the World´´ (Love that movie! Not even kidding, I´m going to see how many times we can show it to people this week) Her dad really opened up about why the family fell away from the church and how much it has meant to them to have the ward reach out to Graziana. It´ll definitely be a slow process but I see a lot of potential with this family. I´m really excited about being able to teach her younger brother who was too young when the family initially joined the church.
I know more happened this week but I´m really drawing a blank… If I remember I´ll tell you on Sunday :)
I hope you all have a great week of Christmas! In one of the talks this week someone asked the question “what will you give Christ for his birthday this year?” I love this time of year when people stop more to reflect on Christ´s birth and what he means to each of us. I know with all of my heart that Jesus Christ lives, that He is our Savior, and that through Him we all can have the hope that comes through the Gospel.
I love you all!

Sister Lund