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I’m stoked to get to serve January 24, 2012

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Hey there!

We also lost power one day this week, but not due to ice and snow. It was raining and windy like I’ve never seen in my life. It’s been a much welcomed break from the heat, it was killing me! (yeah yeah I know of the 3 missions here in Brazil I’ve got it the easiest as far as heat is concerned but it’s a bit much for me :) )
I’m trying to think about what you could get Aaron and the only things that are coming to mind are the stuff they give you in the MTC. I remember being all exciting about getting a “head start” before I reported and well… I never got too far so I’m not sure what would have helped. OH what was fun was a phrase book that Sarah Means got me, I remember using it with Torrie on our road trip, probably pronouncing everything wrong but it was a fun way to pass the time. Torrie: Que Saudades! (That one I remember :) )
We had a fun P-day today. All the missionaries in the interior went to a pizza place owned by an investigator who will be baptized next month. He opened it especially for us and we all got to make our own pizzas at all that jazz. It was a lot of fun. I’ll try attaching some pictures.
I feel like I had other news from the week but to be honest my head is spinning from the transfer call and all ready the good-bye calls have started…. I know I just explained everything to you mommy in your e-mail but to sum it up for other readers… I’m going to Morumbi with Sister Felipe to open the area. It’ll be an adventure! I’m stoked to get to serve with her again for her last transfer, we’ve been saying that for a year now that we were cheated with only being together for 3 weeks. I love that girl! Sister Silva is taking my place here in Cerrado with Sister Ferreira. Bummed that we won’t be closer :(

Love you all! Have a great week! Thanks for the love and support. The church is true!

Sister Lund

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