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stifling a laugh January 16, 2012

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Hello all!

Another week has flown by. Sounds like you had a good week.It snowed?! I enjoyed the picture :) Someone was asking me about snow the other day. It blows my mind that people go through life never experiencing snow.
News from this week… People are starting to get back from the new year´s travels. Yay! An investigator Ricardo (can´t remember if I mentioned him before…) got back and is super excited about everything. Only problem is, like travis´ investigators, he is quite the smoker.  We´re working on it though! He´s really funny to teach. He´s this cute little old man who lives alone and is really lonely so when we’re there he likes to talk and talk and talk and talk. It´s hard to get a word in with him before he joins in. One day this week we were teaching him and I tried to close out the lesson a good 5 times before I finally was able to close in the name of Jesus Christ. Then Márcio goes to pray and Ricardo still doesn’t stop talking! I have never had such a hard time stifling a laugh during a prayer before in my life! Funny old man :)
Another strong potential is a young man named Luiz who is a friend of Bianca. He came to church yesterday and afterwards we were able to teach him. He was super receptive. He said his family life is less than ideal and he’s looking for some form of stability in his life. It was a really neat experience to be able to testify about how the restored gospel gives us just that.
So random fun game from this week. I discovered that singing girls camp songs in english to Alda and Ronaldo´s 2 year old twin grandsons is really fun. They just about roll on the floor laughing and they can’t even understand me! I wonder if Bekka would have the same reaction if I were to sing a Portuguese song to her.
Well that about sums up my week. Thanks for all your love and support. It makes a world of difference! I sure love you all lots and lots!
Have a great week! Know that I love you and pray for you all.
Sister Lund

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