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reflect on Christ´s birth December 20, 2011

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Hello all!

It´s hard to belive that Christmas is already this Sunday! I’ll do my best to call as close to 3pm as I can. Can’t wait to talk to and SEE you all! Hopefully that works out for Travis as well, I miss that kid :)
Random question for my parents who are serving in the primary, hopefully you´ll be able to help me with something. Last night Ronaldo asked about what prophet came after another certain prophet so I was singing “Latter day prophets” and I got to the part where Gordon B Hinckley leads the way, we hear and follow his words today…. and then I realized that´s probably changed since I was in primary. How does that song end these days with President Monson? Maybe you can sing it to me on Sunday :)


News from this week…. lots of ups and downs…. Downs being that anyone who was showing any sign of progressing has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. Not even kidding they’ve all gone MIA. Hopefully after the rush of the end of the year they’ll all reappear but for the time being we’re on the search for new people to teach.
A highlight from the week, we were able to start teaching Graziana´s whole family this week. (I think I mentioned her way back when… She was inactive and one day we contacted her mom who said she wasn´t interested but she has a daughter who would like to come back- Graziana…) Graziana has been coming to church with us since then and this week we had dinner with the family and showed the movie ´´Joy to the World´´ (Love that movie! Not even kidding, I´m going to see how many times we can show it to people this week) Her dad really opened up about why the family fell away from the church and how much it has meant to them to have the ward reach out to Graziana. It´ll definitely be a slow process but I see a lot of potential with this family. I´m really excited about being able to teach her younger brother who was too young when the family initially joined the church.
I know more happened this week but I´m really drawing a blank… If I remember I´ll tell you on Sunday :)
I hope you all have a great week of Christmas! In one of the talks this week someone asked the question “what will you give Christ for his birthday this year?” I love this time of year when people stop more to reflect on Christ´s birth and what he means to each of us. I know with all of my heart that Jesus Christ lives, that He is our Savior, and that through Him we all can have the hope that comes through the Gospel.
I love you all!

Sister Lund


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