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we’re “stuck” together December 6, 2011

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Thanks for the birthday singing in perfect harmony :) I did get the birthday package and christmas package this week. (No worries, the Christmas box is sitting nice and shut under our mini tree and I intend to leave it that way till the 25th… we´ll see if will power holds out!) Thanks so much! We´ve got a churrasco planned at the Theobaldo house tomorrow and I´m pretty stoked :) I´ll be eating well for my birthday for sure!

President Prieto´s brother lived in our stake here in Sorocaba and will definitely be missed. It was such a shock for everyone this week. I had the chance to get to know him a little bit since I´ve been here, we passed his work almost every day. A really good man, I have no doubt the Lord needed him on the other side.
I actually had just finished a Christmas card to Grandpa this morning, I´ll get that in the mail for sure right after I finish writing you all. I can imagine that Christmas would be so hard without the perspective the gospel gives us. I´m so thankful to know that we’re “stuck” together as mommy always says :)
I´ll definitely keep Grandma Lund in my prayers, hope everything goes well with recovery and the next surgery!
We had a pretty good week here. Everything went well with Bianca´s confirmation (had to wait a week because of stake conference…) It was so cute, her cousin Renan (14 yr) bore his testimony about how exciting it is to see his family expanding in the church. Love them!
The biggest highlight of the week was an amazing birthday surprise that still has me smiling from ear to ear, I had a birthday visit from Jaçanã yesterday! Maxiny and Fernada with Maxiny´s dad came to visit. They went to church with us and then later Maxiny and Fernada came out teaching with us. Can I just say that has got to be one of the best feelings ever to have a recent convert come out teaching with you in a completely different area and have her testify of things this investigator really needs to hear?! I just love her!
Some pics of the week:

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