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how you and your family can be happier November 29, 2011

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Yay for officially entering the Christmas Season!!! I’m glad you all made it back safe..

Did I read that right?! Mom has been converted to Settlers?! Will that last till I get home? I would sincerely like to play with you mommy :) Did dad say “congratulations Carol you have won!”? Because he definitely owes you if he didn’t!
What a relief the peanut butter embargo has been lifted :) I was telling travis he really does have an in with all of Brazil. I didn’t even know who the new elders were in the office. He probably knows more about my mission than I do!
It was another good week here. The Thanksgiving dinner Alda made us was AMAZING! She really outdid herself this time, it was sooooo good!  For weeks they’ve been asking what kinds of things we eat for thanksgiving and they really did make just about everything. They even did our juice/sprite mix! I’ll try to send pictures with this e-mail but this computer is acting rather spastic so you might have to wait till next week…

Everything went really well with Bianca’s baptism on Saturday. Her uncle Márcio baptized her and there was such a sweet spirit there. This is the same uncle that was helping us teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and her eyes lit up when she made the connection that her uncle has the priesthood. It was such a neat experience! Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Theobaldo family?! We went out knocking doors with Andréa yesterday and she did pretty much the entire contact every time “hi I´m Andréa, I´m your neighbor I live in that house over there, these are my friends from the church I go to, they’re here to talk to you about Jesus and explain how you and your family can be happier” She’s just so cute and excited about everything people can’t help but let us in!
I hope you all have a good week. I sure love you!

Sister Lund

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