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I´m glad to be where I am November 27, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Irmã Alda is making a Thanksgiving dinner for us on Thursday. Love her! It
was planned back during last transfer when Sister Wohlford was still here,
too bad she’ll be missing out on a traditional dinner.

Yay for Christmas season approaching! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! And seeing as
Brazil doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving there’s not even an argument about
decorating too early. The paper stores already have all their decorations
out, we’ve been singing Christmas hymns in sacrament meeting the last two
weeks and I’m loving it! We´ve been starting to use the Joy to the World
DVD with some families and every time I squeal a little bit with
excitement. We didn´t use it last year in Colorado but it´s such a good way
to show that Christ really is the Savior of the WORLD and because of that,
signs were given not just where he was born but also here in the Americas.

This week was definitely one with lots of ups and downs. Up being that
Bianca will be baptized on Saturday! YAY! Down being that Mara won´t be :(
We had to push it back for sometime in December due to that pesky job of
hers… It´ll all work out though, she´s defintiely got a testimony, I have
no doubt that she´ll be baptized in the next couple of weeks.
The Theobaldo family is still amazingly golden and the most solid family of
recent converts I have ever seen. We continue to get references from them
every time we´re there and not just from our area. We´ve been able to pass
several other areas references as well from this family, because they
seriously talk to EVERYONE!
I´m glad you get to spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa and everyone back there
this year. Wish I could be there with you but I´m glad to be where I am :)
I love you all and am thankful you´re my parents!
You can add my leaves to the thankful tree this year:
I´m thankful for…..

  • The opportunity to be a missionary
  • the knowledge of the gospel
  • our family being sealed in the temple
  • our family :)
  • my amazing friends
  • being able to serve a mission at the same time and in the same country as my buddy and little bro Travis
  • the people who have changed my life here in brazil
  • the amazing fruit! (Still not quite sure how Jeffrey didn´t learn to appreciate bananas in this country…)
  • that Sister Martins said at our training this week that sisters no longer have to use closed toed shoes
  • having a house on the same street as our church
  • and most of all for our Savior Jesus Christ who makes everything possible and worth it.

I love you all! Give everyone in Michigan a hug for me! Have a great week!
Sister Lund


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