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Fearless about talking about the gospel November 9, 2011

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Hey there! P-day got changed this week due to a mission conference with Elder Godoy and Elder Evans. SOOOO GOOD! They both talked a ton about reactivation and the important part we as full-time missionaries play in this work. It was also really fun to get to see everyone, especially Sister Silva! I have missed that girl so much!! She sends a hug and a kiss to the family :)

It feels like it´s been forever and a day since I´ve been able to write home. A lot has happened, I´m not even really sure where to start…


As far as news on my end…. Sister Wohlford got transfered :( We both agreed this transfer was just a nice piece of home, sad to see it end so quick but life goes on. I´m now with Sister Ferreira dos Santos who happens to be best friends from home with Sister Santos that I was with in Jaçanã. They´re seriously like the same person, only sister ferreira has slightly less complicated health issues. She served for a transfer in the same mission as Sister Owens from the MTC! Small world. She´s super stoked about the work so that´s been good. This week we were able to also mark the same baptismal date with Bianca´s mom Mara. I love this family! Everything is finally coming together for all of them. We have also been able to teach a lot of this family´s neighbors. They are seriously fearless about talking about the gospel, regardless of reactions they get. And it´s working! The majority of people we´re teaching now live in their little neighborhood.
This afternoon because P-day got switched to Wednesday we´re going to go to the zoo! (It´s always closed on Mondays…) Remember how I almost went to see a wild monkey in Jandira? Well, it won´t be wild but I´m pretty excited to see a brazilian monkey in the zoo today :)
Picture time!

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I love you all lots and lots! Hope you have an amazing week! Do what´s right, remember who you are and all that good stuff :)
Love you!

Sister Lund


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