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This week marks a year already October 3, 2011

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Happy October!!

I can´t believe this week marks a year already. I feel like just last month I was in the MTC with my little bro! Although at the same time that feels like a life time ago… time is so weird. Wasn’t conference great!!? It´s never gone by so fast before. I loved every minute of it. I, like Travis, would like to say how amazingly true Elder Scott´s talk was. I thought about how he was able to use scriptures from the entire standard works to reference passages that had had an influence for him. I loved Tad Callister´s talk about the Book of Mormon acting as a clarifying voice for the Bible. I wished that ALL investigators everywhere could have heard that talk. Not gonna lie, I also loved Sister Dalton´s talk about dads and daughters. I´m sure a lucky girl! Daddy definitely does what she said the most important thing a dad can do for his daughter by loving her mother. I never once had to wonder if dad loves mom and I have come to appreciate that so much! I love you daddy!

Ugh just lost a 15 minute battle with the camera/computer… you´ll have to wait till maybe next week for pictures…

This week was a good one for us. We´ve got a pretty intense project we´re working on. The ward list is crazy unorganized and so as a way of making contacts we’ve organized it by neighborhood and we´re trying to contact inactives. It´s led to some interesting conversations “oh yeah such and such a person died 23 years ago…” or “I´ve lived here for 15 years and they moved long before I got here” granted a lot of times people say someone moved I´m not exactually sure it´s all that reliable but to say the least the list is out dated. It´s a great lead to “well hey we´re missionaries and……….” though! We did find one inactive young man though who fell away because of some dispute a year before he would´ve gone on a mission. He was super excited to talk to us and we´re going to pass by again this week. We´re hoping that goes well!

I was a little jealous to read Travis had a cloudy day, it has been really hot here, I´ve gotten at least 4 1/2 shades tanner just this week! I´m about to break down and start walking with an umbrella for shade like we see a lot of people doing.

Well that about sums up our week. I sure love you guys! Thanks for all the support. The church is true :) Love you!

Sister Lund


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