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The Lord’s timing October 24, 2011

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Sounds like you all had a good week. It’s weird to think of the weather getting cold and blustery when it’s definitely getting warmer here! We just had the reverse with a time change and now our days are getting way longer. That’s good though, more time out on the streets without it being too creepy dark :)

We had a really good week! I am seriously loving serving with Sister Wohlford. The project of contacting inactives really went well this week. We were able to talk with several people who were just waiting for a reason to come back. One guy said he served as a part time missionary when President Cooley was here so it really wasn’t that long ago. Turns out he’s got extended family in the ward still and he said he’s been thinking he needs to come back. Yes sir!
Another was a woman named Ana who has two young adult daughters. Just last week one of her daughters said she wants to go back to church because she doesn’t really have friends and she remember how much she loved church when she was younger. No doubt it was the Lord’s timing we stopped by this week!
While we’ve been focusing on all of that, references from members have been coming out of the wood work! It seemed like every other day we got a legit reference that was someone who was actually interested. It´s been really great to see the members get excited about the work. Yay for having people to teach!
There was some heartbreaking news from Jaçanã this week though. I can’t remember if I mentioned a family we had been teaching there towards the end of the transfer. I found out this week that their 3 month old daughter passed away from what sounds like the same thing that happened with Riley. I couldn’t help but think how two years ago this month Riley passed away and how much I am thankful for the gospel in our lives. I have been praying that this experience will help them accept the gospel to help them through it. I can’t imagine what that would have been like for us without the knowledge that our family is sealed in the temple. I love how clear the plan of salvation is. I love having the opportunity to share this knowledge with others. I love being a missionary!

Thank you for all your love and support. I love you lots and lots!
Have a great week!
Sister Lund

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“Singing in the rain” in between appointments October 17, 2011

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I can’t believe how fast this week went!

Thanks for the pictures Kelli! I can´t believe how much Bekka has grown!It was a good, super fast week. We were able to watch the relief society re-broadcast last night. SOO good! Especially President Uchtdorf’s talk. Having already gotten the head’s up from Torrie, I did in fact appreciate the fact that his tie matched the picture of the flowers :) His talk gave a lot of good reminders I had been needing to hear.

This week we had a neat experience with asking for references at lunch. The sister told us about an inactive woman who just recently got remarried to a nonmember. We passed by there this last week and she was super receptive, talked about how much she wants to come back and get married in the temple one day. She really likes the hymns of the church and still has a hymnbook so we sang with her for a bit. She invited us to do a family home evening with her and her husband this week so we’re pretty stoked for that.
Ward list project continues. Victory from this week, we found a really cool notebook to put it all together when we’re done, I know we’re sister missionaries, it’s girly but we were pretty excited about it :)
The weather took a turn here as well and I LOVED IT! A week straight of rain :) It made contacts none existent this week, I guess people aren’t too keen on standing out in the rain but I sure enjoyed “singing in the rain” in between appointments :)
As far as Christmas requests… Peanut Butter! (Probably going to run out this week, we’ve been trying to ration it but you can only do so much…) Any of those baking mixes you’ve been sending are AMAZING! Maybe some good church cds, I don’t know any specifics to ask for but new music is always welcomed.
That about sums up our week.
I sure love you guys! The church is true :) I love being a missionary! Thanks for all the love and support, you’re the best!!
Love you!
Sister Lund

Trying to find people to teach October 12, 2011

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Hey there!
Sounds like you all had a good week. Shout out to Jeffrey: I hope you had a good birthday! I had it marked in my planner but forgot to mention it in my e-mail last week. We´ll call it even for you forgetting mine when you were on your mission :) Love ya big bro!
It makes me happy to hear that BYU is doing well :)
So this week was a really super fast one… in other words I’m not sure what happened to report on :) We did have a one year party though! (hopefully pictures will go through this week.) Thanks again to Momma R for the funfetti cake, it was perfect!

We’ve kept going with our ward list project, lots of contacts, and trying to find people to teach. It reminds me more and more of Vertentes every day.
I’m going to attempt to send pictures in another e-mail now…
Hope you have a great week! Don’t forget that I love you!
Sister Lund

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This week marks a year already October 3, 2011

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Happy October!!

I can´t believe this week marks a year already. I feel like just last month I was in the MTC with my little bro! Although at the same time that feels like a life time ago… time is so weird. Wasn’t conference great!!? It´s never gone by so fast before. I loved every minute of it. I, like Travis, would like to say how amazingly true Elder Scott´s talk was. I thought about how he was able to use scriptures from the entire standard works to reference passages that had had an influence for him. I loved Tad Callister´s talk about the Book of Mormon acting as a clarifying voice for the Bible. I wished that ALL investigators everywhere could have heard that talk. Not gonna lie, I also loved Sister Dalton´s talk about dads and daughters. I´m sure a lucky girl! Daddy definitely does what she said the most important thing a dad can do for his daughter by loving her mother. I never once had to wonder if dad loves mom and I have come to appreciate that so much! I love you daddy!

Ugh just lost a 15 minute battle with the camera/computer… you´ll have to wait till maybe next week for pictures…

This week was a good one for us. We´ve got a pretty intense project we´re working on. The ward list is crazy unorganized and so as a way of making contacts we’ve organized it by neighborhood and we´re trying to contact inactives. It´s led to some interesting conversations “oh yeah such and such a person died 23 years ago…” or “I´ve lived here for 15 years and they moved long before I got here” granted a lot of times people say someone moved I´m not exactually sure it´s all that reliable but to say the least the list is out dated. It´s a great lead to “well hey we´re missionaries and……….” though! We did find one inactive young man though who fell away because of some dispute a year before he would´ve gone on a mission. He was super excited to talk to us and we´re going to pass by again this week. We´re hoping that goes well!

I was a little jealous to read Travis had a cloudy day, it has been really hot here, I´ve gotten at least 4 1/2 shades tanner just this week! I´m about to break down and start walking with an umbrella for shade like we see a lot of people doing.

Well that about sums up our week. I sure love you guys! Thanks for all the support. The church is true :) Love you!

Sister Lund