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Magnifying the time that we do have September 5, 2011

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Hey there!

To say the least it’s been a crazy hectic unpredictable week. Sister Santos was in the hospital from Monday night until Friday afternoon, spent Friday/Saturday at President’s house and now she’s back with us. It’s been a hard balance to find between taking care of the area and taking care of Sister Santos. We’re not really sure what all that’s going on, if she’ll be going home, if she’ll be sent to the interior for hopes of a cleaner climate (she’s got asthma among many things…), or if she’s just got to stick it out here in Jaçanã… we’re very much in a wait and see mode. The ward has been really supportive though, bringing food, offering to do divisions and so forth. I seriously love Jaçanã!
We may not have had a ton of time to work the past couple weeks but the Lord is certainly magnifying the time that we do have. We’ve starting teaching a couple who lives below Fernanda (RM) and her family. They have been super receptive this week that we passed by several times. We’ve got a family home evening planned with them tonight and we’re hoping that goes well!
Sister Silva and I have been trying to use the most of our “down time” here and there when we have to rest with Sister Santos. Sister Silva is cruising through the English books she got in the MTC. It´s so fun to see her be able to pick up more and more of English conversations when I slip into English with some of the Elders she can generally understand for the most part what’s going on. I’m so proud of my little student! :)
Well that about does it for this week. Hopefully this week will be less eventful health wise and more eventful work wise.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Lund


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