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American Dream Transfer September 26, 2011

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I did get a new companion and……….. a new area! I’m now with Sister Wohlford in Cerrado (interior).  There were definitely a lot of tears in the office leaving Sister Silva who also got transferred from Jaçanã but this week has been such an adventure it’s kept me pretty busy. Sister Wohlford and I have officially called this transfer the American Dream Transfer. With only 5 American sisters we didn’t think that would ever happen. It’s led to a couple funny moments where someone says something and our natural instinct is turn to our companion for a translation but we’ve both got about the same time in Brazil so we just shrug our shoulders and keep going! It’s been a blast.

The interior is a lot hotter and a lot greener. I figured after 7 months here I had a pretty good base tan but I definitely got burned a bit after the first day. And I guess I’ve gotten used to walking with my head down because the streets are so uneven it’s kind of a safety thing, I randomly looked up the first day we were out walking and holy cow it’s green here it took me off guard! I’ll try and get some pictures sent next week. Random side note, Travis´ mission president is from this stake, I was walking down the hall way and saw their picture in the mission picture holder thingie and said “hey! That’s my brother’s mission president!” small world :)

As far as the ward… It reminds me so much of Vertentes, a very well established ward here. Pretty much everyone is a returned missionary. The only difference is this area is HUGE!!!!!!! It’s going to take me a long time to get it figured out.

Hope you all have a great conference weekend!! I’m pretty excited to say the least. How blessed are we that we know there is a prophet on the earth today and we have the opportunity this weekend to listen to him speak?!

I’ll be thinking of you and our cinnamon rolls, eat one or two… or three for me!
Love you lots and lots!

Sister Lund


I’m one lucky girl September 20, 2011

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Sounds like an eventful week on your part!
Quick shout out to the Reisings, thank you thank you thank you for the package of goodies :) That was a fun surprise that’s being put to good use. I love you all!

Sounds like I’m not missing a lot as far as the world of football this season. That’s ok, they get one more “building” year before I get back. Jake’s got a good point about being married vs. going out and partying though.
Lunch with chocolate and wearing a tiara sure sounds fun Mommy! I fully support repeating this experience when I get back :)
That’s really sad about the Reno Air Races. Sounds like something from the movies, hard to believe that that could actually happen.
I can’t believe that’s already been a year that Torrie, Courtney and us went painting up there. Good times. I´ve got the bestest buddies ever :)

It was a good week for us. We were able to mark a date with Urbanir, (Nátaly and Juliano’s dad). He has really struggled with drinking for the majority of his life but the last couple of months has been going to church with Nátaly and Juliano. He said that he really likes going to church so he quit drinking only on Sundays. We have been able to help him understand that the way he feels on Sundays can be how he feels all the time as he quits completely. We have been passing by daily to help him with this goal and yesterday he accepted to be baptized on Oct. 8th! After a kinda slow transfer as far as the work goes it was really rewarding to have him accept baptism before Sister Silva leaves the area.
Still no word on what exactly will happen this next transfer as far as if there will still be a trio in this area or not, you’ll just have to wait to find out till next week :)

I sure hope you all have a great week. Know that I love you and pray for you always. Thank you for being the most amazing parents ever, I’m one lucky girl if I do say so myself!
Love you!
Sister Lund

We’ve been taking lots of pictures this weekend as it’s pretty much 98.9% sure that Sister Silva is leaving….

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Our purpose as missionaries September 12, 2011

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Hey there,

That’s so weird to think it’s already been 10 years since 9-11-01. I remember waking up to the radio talking about the attack and also thinking they were talking about a movie and then Dad came into my room to tell me to come and watch the news.

Sister Santos is better-ish… We were able to work a lot more this week, but the poor thing is miserable. The members have been great though, I seriously love this ward. And FYI Travis, Lucas is seriously my hero, he is always calling to see if we need anything and asking us when he can come out teaching with us. He’s the member that every missionary wants in the ward.
We had a mission conference this week with Elder Godoy. Most amazing training ever, mind seriously blown. He talked about our purpose as missionaries 1) Save Souls, 2) Establish the Church, and 3) Save ourselves. He talked about the size of our calling as missionaries compared to the size that we few ourselves (he drew a nice illustration which makes all of that make sense- imagine a small stick figure inside of a really big bubble person). He had us all reflect on how our growth has been over the duration of our mission and if we’re where we could/should be. Are we using our time to grow into our calling or are we just passing the time and hoping we end up there?

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about this weekend (due to a rather frustrating lesson with someone who is very stuck in their ways) The Restored Church of Jesus Christ makes so much sense!!! God has always spoken to his children through prophets, if He is the same yesterday, today and forever we should have a prophet on the earth today, and we do! The ordinances of the gospel are absolutely essential, and require proper priesthood authority, which was restored! The Book or Mormon is evidence of so many things, and it’s true! I’m so thankful to know the there is one true and living church on the earth and for the opportunity to share this knowledge with others.

Thank you for all of your love and support! Thanks for being the most amazing parents in the world :) I sure love you and miss you! (Thanks for the hugs)

Have a great week!
Love you!
Sister Lund
We stopped by the temple after the training with Elder Godoy and while Sister Santos was looking for the caravan from her home stake Sister Silva and I didn’t pass up a photo opp :) I love sister Silva! It’s pretty much a done deal that she’s being transferred on the 21st :( She’s ready for a new experience and I’ll be excited for her but I’m gonna miss my friend!

Magnifying the time that we do have September 5, 2011

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Hey there!

To say the least it’s been a crazy hectic unpredictable week. Sister Santos was in the hospital from Monday night until Friday afternoon, spent Friday/Saturday at President’s house and now she’s back with us. It’s been a hard balance to find between taking care of the area and taking care of Sister Santos. We’re not really sure what all that’s going on, if she’ll be going home, if she’ll be sent to the interior for hopes of a cleaner climate (she’s got asthma among many things…), or if she’s just got to stick it out here in Jaçanã… we’re very much in a wait and see mode. The ward has been really supportive though, bringing food, offering to do divisions and so forth. I seriously love Jaçanã!
We may not have had a ton of time to work the past couple weeks but the Lord is certainly magnifying the time that we do have. We’ve starting teaching a couple who lives below Fernanda (RM) and her family. They have been super receptive this week that we passed by several times. We’ve got a family home evening planned with them tonight and we’re hoping that goes well!
Sister Silva and I have been trying to use the most of our “down time” here and there when we have to rest with Sister Santos. Sister Silva is cruising through the English books she got in the MTC. It´s so fun to see her be able to pick up more and more of English conversations when I slip into English with some of the Elders she can generally understand for the most part what’s going on. I’m so proud of my little student! :)
Well that about does it for this week. Hopefully this week will be less eventful health wise and more eventful work wise.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Lund