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On the search for solid new investigators August 23, 2011

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Howdy Howdy!
Glad you’re getting to enjoy some nice summer weather. São Paulo can’t decide what it wants to be. Technically it’s supposed to be winter but we’ll get a really warm day here and there. The last couple days have felt like winter though, my poor companions from the north of freezing to death! I just remind myself that Colorado had a day of -41 and suddenly I feel a lot warmer here :)

Well it’s been another one of those weeks where now I’m sitting here and I’m sure something exciting happened but I’m struggling to think of what…
We’ve been changing around the apartment a bit. We dismounted the bunk bed, moved the closet and now have three beds in a row. It throws me off a bit when I wake up in the morning.
We’ve decided that Sister Santos reminds us of the Lion in the wizard of oz. Facial expressions are identical. If she had a tail it would be a done deal. We seriously haven’t stopped laughing in 2 weeks.
This weekend was stake conference. I remember the last stake conference was when I only had a few weeks here in Brazil, I got a lot more out of this weekend’s talks :)

We are sorely lacking people to teach these days. The people we were working with are rather moley and we’re on the search for solid new investigators. I’m about to take Travis’s strategy and go looking “high and low”!

Some pictures to compensate for an uneventful week:

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1) New Set up (I don´t have a picture of how it looked before… but here’s where I sleep!)
2) I found a wild monkey mommy! I don’t know if he’d still be considered a wild monkey though now that he has a name, Tico. His eyes remind of us our Ward Mission Leader :)
3) Our new Trio, and the elders that helped moved things around
4) 3 of my favorite sisters in the world! Sister Adamson (Sam’s district), Sister Felipe!, and Sister Silva. I love these sisters!
5) Not the best picture, but definitely the best zone ever! Zona Jaçanã May 18, 2011- Aug 10, 2011
Hope you have a great week!
Love you all

Sister Lund


One Response to “On the search for solid new investigators”

  1. Nathaly Bianca Says:

    I love Sister Lund =) Sorry i’m don’t speake English…I write in portugues…sister lund é muito Doce e eu amo conversar com ela, saibam que ela fala portugues muito bem, muito mesmo e fiquei muito feliz de ter fica em Jaçanã, ela é uma verdadeira guerreira da Luz…Eu simplesmente a Amo!

    Com Amor,

    Nathaly Bianca

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