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Jaw literally dropped August 15, 2011

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Hey there!
Rumor was right! I’m still in Jaçanã and *drum roll*…….. Still with Sister Silva!!!!!!!! We also have one more sister with us, Sister Santos. This transfer mission wide was a bit of a surprising one. People who for sure were going to be transferred stayed and people with only one transfer in an area were moved around. It wasn’t until the office called and told us they’d be bringing a new bed that we believed them that not only are we both staying but that someone else would be joining us. To be perfectly honest I didn’t put it past the office to join in on a transfer joke so I wasn’t completely convinced until we saw the third bed in our room :)
It’s been a fun week getting to know Sister Santos. She’s from the Bahia and at times I just look at her and have no idea what on earth she is saying, not because of her accent (which is rather strong) but because she uses words and phrases that even Sister Silva has never heard of. To say the least it’s been an adventure!
Lucas got back this week and has already come out teaching with us. We brought him along to teach Fernando (Silvia’s son) who we’re kind of at a stand still with, not really sure where to go from here. Lucas is an amazing teacher, it was fun to have him with us for the day. And yes he is officially dating one of my favorite people in the world. Not sure if you heard the background story Travis but we were all going crazy to see how it all would play out when he got back. They’re pretty stinking cute together.
Well investigators continue to fall in our lap. This week while waiting at transfers a recent convert called and said that her dad (who randomly showed up at church with her the week before) wants to be baptized and wants to know what he needs to do in order for that to happen. Jaw literally dropped when I heard that! He’ll take a little bit more time since he has got some word of wisdom things to take care of first, but desire is the first and very important step! In gospel principles this week he introduced himself and said that it was his second time coming and is really enjoying what he’s learning.

We’re still working with André, not sure if I’ve mentioned him yet, husband of a member. We’ve been working with him for a good while now. He finally came to church this week! It was perfect because Sunday was Father’s day here (happy Brazilian father’s day daddy!) and the primary sang two songs for all the dads and his son was quite excited to have him there. Anyway… he’s said himself that he knows he should be baptized, that he eventually will but has no desire whatsoever to do so anytime soon. We’ve taught everything we can think of as far as the blessings that come from this, how now is the time to prepare to meet God, don’t procrastinate and all that jazz but he’s just so stinking stubborn! We’re all praying this week for him to have a desire on top of his understanding that he needs to be baptized.
That about sums up my week. I’ve still got Sister Silva at my side, Sister Santos has us rolling on the floor laughing, and the work goes on!
Hope you all have a great week! I sure love you!!!
Sister Lund

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