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The sheekiest recent converts ever August 2, 2011

Filed under: Brasil — companion of honor @ 1:36 PM
It’s been a good, somewhat low key week. I can’t believe it’s already August!
Everything went well with Fernanda’s baptism this weekend. She’s amazingly elect, I just can’t get over her story. It’s been really neat to see her and Silvia hit it off so well. I love how two people who a month ago didn’t know the other existed are now attached at the hip because of the gospel. We passed by Silvia’s last night and Fernanda had been there for awhile already. Listening to the two of them swap stories about their conversion was the coolest thing ever. It left me with such a peaceful feeling to know that they are not only both individually solid but that they are supporting each other. We have got the sheekiest recent converts ever!

Daniel is all set to go for his baptism on Saturday. You know your investigator is solid when you ask what time would work for him on Saturday and his response is “is it alright if it’s a bit later in the evening? I have institute at 6”. Definitely not a problem for us!
I’m trying to attach photos but the computer isn’t really being my friend right now…
Love you! Have a great finish to your cruise and week afterwards!
Sister Lund

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