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small and simple things accomplish the great July 18, 2011

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Sad news about Emily :( That’ll definitely be weird without her, she’s been with us more than half my life.
The temple was great last week. I understood every single word! (It also happened to be in English though…) We ended up getting to the temple a lot earlier than planned so the four of us joined the American MTC group and Sister Silva used headphones. She said she liked being able to hear both languages. She’s seriously taking advantage of every opportunity to learn English.
Happy Birthday to Bekka! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Time is really flying by.
Well this week has been a bit of a crazy week. It seems like with the exception of Fernada everyone that we had been teaching all decided to go cold this week and not want to progress. We’re working on finding new people to teach. I liked Elder Lund’s idea about searching on a roof :) We’ll see if we resort to that this week.
We’ve been working on findng a new house this week. I seriously love the house we’re in right now but it doesn’t have the best location. Second time I’ve gone “house hunting on the mission” didn’t expect to be doing that!

Sorry I don’t have a whole lot to report this week.
The church is true! I love being a missionary :) There is so much wisdom in Alma 37:6-7, it really is the small and simple things that accomplish the great.
I love you all lots and lots! Have a great week!
Sister Lund

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