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That classic line that every missionary wants to hear July 13, 2011

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Hey hey!
Sorry I forget to mention last week that p-day would be on wednesday this week. We got to go to the temple! I love the temple :)

Ever since I got here I wondered why there´s this random dead plant vase thingie on the floor in our kitchen. I asked Sister Silva the other day and she said it´s been there since before she got here almost 6 months ago and she never knew why. We decided that we didn´t need a dead plant thingie in our kitchen so we set it outside the house. That day we had lunch with our upstairs neighbors and the sister said that it was there for a reason. It´s covering a removable drain and the sisters before us had a mouse that was coming in through that drain, eww! We decided to cover it with something else though and leave the dead plant thingie outside. I feel it´s an improvement.

It´s been a good week, I feel like it´s been forever and a day since I wrote but I can´t think of anything extremely noteworthy… Some random tid bits for ya…
I thought sister Silva was my favorite companion before but get this… This week she said since we won´t be together for Christmas we should probably listen to Christmas music this week. I LOVE Christmas music, we´ve been rocking out to christmas tunes like no one´s business, it´s been great :)
Also, for all my Brazil mission friends (Travis and Sam) take a look at the church building in the tithing pamphlet. That church is totally my stake center right now! 1200 Luis Stamatis, I´m there at least once a week. That´s seriously the sheekiest church I´ve ever seen.
Oh cool story from this week! So we went out to lunch with our LZs on Monday and they were telling us about this GOLDEN investigator they met on Sunday. Her and her husband are separated right now, he´s been a member but rather inactive all his life. She figured that the church had something to do with why he left her so she went online to start researching. She ended up really liking what she found out and recognized that all the negative anti-stuff isn´t legit. She looked up where she could find a church and went there on Sunday. Walked up to the Elders and asked who she needed to talk to in order to find out more about the church. The elders were more than excited to show her around and she stayed all three hours. Afterwards she said that classic line that every missionary wants to hear “I feel like I´ve come home, this is all so familiar to me”  They marked an appointment for Monday and were on cloud nine about it. Here´s where we come into the story… Monday after lunch and hearing about this golden investigator we return to our respective areas to go back to work. As we´re walking down the street to contact a reference who do we see? The elders going to Fernada´s house! Turns out she lives in OUR area! We joined them for the lesson. My mouth seriously dropped open listening to her talk, she´s done so much research on the church using reliable sources she´s pretty much taught herself, she all but asked to be baptized! She said it started out of curiosity to try and understand her husband but now she wants this for herself regardless of what happens with her husband. Sister Silva wasted no time with that, if all goes well she´ll be baptized on the 30th :)
Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Love you lots!
Sister Lund

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