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The gospel really is so essential in our lives June 21, 2011

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Hey there!
Still no word about transfers, we’ll find out tonight. Everyone and their dog is pulling for us to stay together so if Sister Silva gets transferred it really is meant to be.
This week has been nothing short of a miracle. Juliano’s baptism was amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling all day. If you saw him a month ago you wouldn’t recognize the kid, it’s been such a neat experience to watch the gospel change is life so drastically for the better.
Last night we had a lesson with Silvia that I know when I look back on my mission will be one that I remember forever. I think I mentioned Silvia last week, an investigator who missionaries have been working with for almost two years now. Last week we had such a powerful lesson with her where she opened up about all her doubts and hesitancy about being baptized. One being that she doesn’t want to be just another baptism or number for us. We expressed our love and concern for her and the reason that missionaries are so urgent about our message, because the gospel really is so essential in our lives. She’s now come to church two weeks after not coming since her daughter was baptized in December. Ever since I arrived in Jaçanã we’ve felt that she needs to be baptized on the 25th (we later found out that this is her birthday! How perfect, celebrate your birthday by being born again through baptism!) Last night we went there and she commented about how in the last couple of weeks she’s felt a change in herself, something she’s wanted since she first met the missionaries but never did. She talked about how many missionaries have passed through her home and her thought was always just one more trying to convince her to change my life. But now she feels that we’re sincerely here to help her. When Sister Silva told her how we’ve felt for a month now that she is ready to be baptized this Saturday she quickly accepted. Her daughter who was with us couldn’t believe what she heard her mom say. We all starting crying, the spirit was so strong! I have had the opportunity to see several people accept the invitation to be baptized and each one is a miracle, but seeing Silvia accept the invitation to follow Jesus Christ after so long was the most rewarding lesson I have ever participated in. Silvia is going to be such a blessing to the ward here and I know that she will feel the difference in her own life as she embraces the gospel!
1) Juliano! And for anyone who knows Carl Smith, does our bishop not look like his Brazilian twin?!
2) Juliano when we went to pick him up for his baptism, this picture makes me so happy to see him all dressed up and fancy like! A completely different person from a month ago.
3) It’s a day late, but Happy Father’s day Daddy! I saw this car and thought of you :) I love you daddy!
Have a great week!!!
Love you all

Sister Lund

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