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We don’t need to eat for 3 days May 30, 2011

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Howdy howdy!

Hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend. How was the first BBQ of the season? Today was going to be a low-key day in the house but we ended up having an activity with the zone in the center of São Paulo (way cool pictures but this computer won’t connect to my camera…) and we ate at a legit Tucanos, soooo good! I’ve never been so full in my entire life. Then we came home and our upstairs neighbors had their own churrasco and won’t take no for an answer….. One sitting of Brazilian bbq in one day is a handful, two within several hours… we don’t need to eat for 3 days!
That´s really cute about Eliana being excited I was coming home soon, thinking sisters missions were only 8 months.

This week has been really great! We starting teaching a young woman named Vanessa last week who will be baptized this Saturday. She seriously is so amazingly elect it’s not even funny. Everything we teach her she accepts so willingly. She was a reference from her friend who said “she’s practically a member she doesn’t know it.”  A 27 year old who lives the law of chastity and word of wisdom already. She was talking about what she wants in her future family and it was pretty much the Proclamation to the World about the family. One lesson this week Vanessa commented about how since she came into contact with the church she’s felt her life moving forward in the right direction when previously she felt at a stand still. It’s been exciting to get to know her and see her accept the gospel.

Sister Silva and I have been having fun this week learning the primary songs in English and portuguese. She’s really excited about learning English, we’ve got a little classroom set up in our front room with English pronouns and all that jazz going. She’s really picked up a lot in 2 weeks. Every day we go back and forth reading from the Book of Mormon and O Livro de Mórmon. I know you’ve probably already got it all ready to go but if not… it’d be great if you could include an English Hymnbook in the package you’re sending. I lost mine in Colorado a week before I came down to Brazil. Sister Silva loves hymns and wants to learn more in English.

Well hope you all have a great week. Thanks for the love and prayers :) I sure love you!
Sister Lund


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