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This week has been a complete adventure May 23, 2011

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Hey there! Thank you for the prayers, I am feeling much better this week! Is anyone going to believe that I got transferred again?! When Elder White called and said I was going to Jaçanã I thought for sure he was kidding, when the next thing he said was “oh yeah and you’ll be senior” I knew for sure he was kidding… Only he wasn’t! This week has been a complete adventure and I’ve loved every minute of it!

I’m now companions with Sister Silva and we have had such a blast this week. I met her when she arrived in the mission, I was in Caxingui at the time. I’ve seen her a couple other times at conferences but never really got to talk to her before. One of the first things she asked me when we got to our area was if I was good with directions because she’s not. Needless to say our first night together we walked an extra hour trying to find the house of a less active sister but I’ve never had so much fun being lost.
The ward here is solid, we have more lessons with members than not. At least once a day someone calls and asks us if they can come out teaching. It’s amazing! The bishop is the Brazilian twin of Carl Smith. I kid you not I did a double take when I first met him, looks just like him, talks like him, everything.

I am in love with this area. There is like one hill in the entire area. I had forgotten what it was like to walk on a flat sidewalk! Our house is on the mission border and the neighboring mission has hills like no one’s business so we get awesome views without having to climb every day. The house we live in is a mansion. Not even kidding, we both have our own bathroom. It’s the nicest apartment I’ve had on the mission thus far.
Sister Silva is the perfect combination of Sister Dantas and Sister Carter from Sand Creek. She’s a fireball of a native speaker who is super patient with me (In just a week I’ve felt myself improve leaps and bounds with the language) and she’s crazy positive about everything. Our problem this week has been getting to bed on time because we can’t stop talking!
This morning we did something a little crazy for exercises. There is a sister in the ward who teaches a kick boxing class and she also happens to love missionaries so every Monday morning she offers a private class for our district. I’ll have to send pictures next week, we got pretty into it.

I think that’s about all the random things I can think of from this week… Thanks again for the love and support! I definitely felt prayers this week.
Love, Sister Lund


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