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not hiking a mountain and finding wild monkies May 9, 2011

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It sure was good to talk and to SEE you all yesterday. Jeffrey, Kelli and Bekka were a pleasant surprise as well, gotta love technology these days :)
Sounds like a yummy dinner. Our lunch was a BBQ yesterday so I won’t complain too much.

Well… lesson learned today, make sure and get official official permission before getting really excited about hiking a Brazilian mountain and seeing wild monkies. We had talked to the zone leaders but when the “let’s just make sure” call went out to president, apparently all out of zone activities have been banned until further notice mission wide :( so we settled for playing card games at the church with two other companionships that were going on the hike.

Well I can’t really think of anything too noteworthy since last we talked… I’ll attempt that whole sending pictures thing now…
1) Our not hiking a mountain and finding wild monkies district activity (I’m just a little bummed…)
2) I thought a certain someone would appreciate this picture, two things I’m a big fan of: Danny and a Soveteria. It´s always closed so I haven’t been able to try it out but it did make for a fun picture!
3) Provo MTC reunion! Sister White who beat us all down here even though she’s a transfer behind, Elder Dearborn and Me
4) This is for Sister Reising’s benifit. Does this kid look familiar!? He showed me the picture of you two in the MTC and we thought we’d try to reinact it. Without studying your face too carefully you and I pretty much have the exact same expression this is my “I’m thinking of Sam!” face :)
Hope those all go through! I love you lots, the church is true, have a great week!
Sister Lund

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