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They’re totally ready they just don’t know it yet April 25, 2011

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Happy Belated Easter! I still have a year left but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if like Jesse my favorite area is the one I only had 3 weeks in; Imirim will be really hard to beat!

So far so good here! Our house is so close to everything we need it hardly seems fair! Same street as the church, ice cream shop, grocery store, bakery, and the train station to get to district meeting. It’s been fun this week having the ward get adjusted to having sisters here. Because it was such a sudden transfer a lot of people didn’t know until yesterday. The young women are so excited to have us here and want to come out teaching with us.

My favorite reaction so far though was this little old woman who fed us lunch a few days ago. Her testimony was a little shaken at first because she said she didn’t know women could baptize these days! We quickly explained that as sisters we do everything like the elders as far as teaching but baptisms are still performed by proper priesthood authority :) Same little old lady was a little thrown off by the smaller portions that we ate compared to the elders, “I’ll be eating beans for a week!” I choked a little bit on my food trying not to laugh because my initial thought was “I’m pretty sure you’ll be eating beans every day for the rest of your life and not just this week!” I’m sure she was referring to those particular beans she had made for lunch but it still made me laugh.

Another random tid bit, yesterday at lunch I met a mission friend of Ryan Embley! He served in the same mission and I thought, what are the chances that I can play the do you know so and so game all the way in Brazil and have it work out. It did! He said Elder Embley was a really good Elder and commented on how tall he was, yep definitely talking about the same kid! He asked if Ryan was married and he was very impressed when I told him there were 4 Embley weddings last year.

We’re teaching a lot of people here. The Elders left us a good number of people who have been taught everything they just need to commit! Perfect because Sister Soares is super to the point and isn’t one to beat around the bush. We’re teaching one family right now who are seriously golden. Luis and Malu and their two teenagers Isabella and Maik. A little over a year ago Maik’s twin brother passed away and the family has had a really hard time with blaming God for everything. They’ve been able to find so much comfort through learning about the temple and eternal families. Malu used to work every Sunday but has recently had her day off switched so she can come to church. Malu and Luis are legally married (very rare!) and none of them have word of wisdom issues (crazy rare!) They’re totally ready they just don’t know it yet. I’m excited to see this family progress.

I hope you have a great week as always. Love you all!
Sister Lund


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