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We’ve been doing a lot of finding and teaching April 12, 2011

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Hello there!
Another week already?! I can’t believe you guys got snow! I’m starting to forget what that’s like. I have a couple of pictures with snow with the pictures I show people when they want to see family and what not. I don’t know why but it always surprises me how many people have never seen snow in their life before. I’m loving the usual rain we get though :)

This week I was reading D&C 10 and I remembered the scripture mastery song for 10:5, immediately I pictured Sister Oliver doing her dance she would always do welcoming us to early morning seminary senior year, good times :)
Momma R thanks for the e-mail. It really is encouraging to think of the eternal results of our efforts as missionaries. Thanks so much for all the love and support, I know the prayers are definitely making a difference!

I’m so excited to hear about Sam’s adventures in Brazil! I sent the first of many crazy cheap letters to her today. I love that it’s only a cent to send a “carta social”. She mentioned teaching an English class. It sounds like that’s something that gets used a lot down here. I’ll be officially starting English classes this weekend for the branch here. Great missionary tool, free English classes with an American! And it just “happens” to be taught in the church :) The members all seem pretty excited about it so I hope there’s a good turn out. I’m glad I’ve had a little bit of a background with teaching English.

Well news from this week, we found a new house!! We’ll be moving a week from today. Which means this week I’ll be packing all my things once again. I may be in this area longer than a transfer but I’m still yet to stay in an apartment longer than 5 weeks! It’ll be a good move though. Our current apartment is rather stuffy and moldy. Mom you know that fast dry towel thing you got both me and Travis? It’ll still be wet when we get home after hanging to dry all day. To say the least we’re excited for the change of location!
Also, next week on the 20th we’re going to the temple!! Perk of being transferred within the capital, it’s my new zone’s turn to go to the temple. That means that technically our p-day will be switched to Wednesday but seeing as we’re moving on monday I’m not sure… moral of the story I’m not sure when I’ll get to e-mail but if it’s not on Monday no worries I’ll write home on Wednesday :) I definitely have been spoiled with being so close to a temple here in São Paulo!

This week has been a super busy week. We’ve been doing a lot of finding and teaching the first. Hopefully we’ll be able to back into those homes and keep teaching!
Have a great week! Try to keep warm :) I sure love you!
-Sister Lund


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