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This really is the Lord’s work April 4, 2011

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Hello there!
Sounds like a busy week for everyone!
SAM IS SOOOOOO CLOSE TO ME RIGHT NOW! I’m guessing she heads out tomorrow or Wednesday but for one more day we are like 10 minutes away from each other. I heard the other day that 29 Americans got visas and was thinking Sam was probably in that group. Oh while I’m thinking of the Reisings: Momma R, feel free to e-mail but I’ll have to respond in shout out form from this e-mail. Thanks so much for the letter! Those stories were really encouraging. This really is the Lord’s work, we just have to listen and not try to do it our own way. Also, now a few weeks removed from the situation with the Bishop in Vertentes I can definitely see how it could have been handled better. We all needed an added dose of humility with that one. Lesson learned :)

Thanks for the St. Patty’s day card and the letter from Hermana West. Can you believe I completely forgot about wearing green this year? It wasn’t until Sister Peck and I were planning that night that we realized it was St. Patrick’s day and we then were obligated to pinch each other.

Wasn’t conference amazing?! I can’t wait to be able to read it again. I watched the first session in Portuguese with Sister Soares and then for the rest went upstairs to watch in English with the other American missionaries. It was neat to think of everyone back home listening to the same thing I was! I thought of Daddy with Elder Scott’s talk about his wife and kids. Thanks for being my friend when you were home after traveling Monday morning-Friday night, I love you Daddy!

Not gonna lie, I’m extremely happy to hear that Jeffrey, Kelli and Bekka will be in Provo for a few more years. Not just because BYU is amazing (I may or may not have squealed a little bit when Cecil O. Samuelson spoke in conference…) but we can still play when I get back!

Way to go Mariners! When was the last time we had a winning record? Too bad about the sounders but they’ll make a come back for sure.

It’s been a good week here. Learning more and more Portuguese every day. I’ve yet to learn how to cook mommy but we’ll see if I can pick it up this next transfer :) I’m not overly anxious to bring the rice and beans home with me.

Quick experience before I’ve gotta go. Saturday night we got home after conference and both appointments fell through. We felt like we needed to stop by a member we had lunch with earlier in the week. It was kind of awkward at first because we really didn’t have a reason to be there. We shared a thought, discussed conference a bit, and asked if there was anyone they knew we could teach. Tabita said in joking we should teach her boyfriend. Who happens to walk in a few minutes later but her boyfriend, and taking every referral seriously we ended up teaching him the first lesson and he was actually really receptive! Sad thing is he doesn’t live in our area but it was still a good teaching experience.

Well friends, the church is true! Thanks for all the love and support. You are in my prayers :)

Love you all!

Sister Lund


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