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They’re totally ready they just don’t know it yet April 25, 2011

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Happy Belated Easter! I still have a year left but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if like Jesse my favorite area is the one I only had 3 weeks in; Imirim will be really hard to beat!

So far so good here! Our house is so close to everything we need it hardly seems fair! Same street as the church, ice cream shop, grocery store, bakery, and the train station to get to district meeting. It’s been fun this week having the ward get adjusted to having sisters here. Because it was such a sudden transfer a lot of people didn’t know until yesterday. The young women are so excited to have us here and want to come out teaching with us.

My favorite reaction so far though was this little old woman who fed us lunch a few days ago. Her testimony was a little shaken at first because she said she didn’t know women could baptize these days! We quickly explained that as sisters we do everything like the elders as far as teaching but baptisms are still performed by proper priesthood authority :) Same little old lady was a little thrown off by the smaller portions that we ate compared to the elders, “I’ll be eating beans for a week!” I choked a little bit on my food trying not to laugh because my initial thought was “I’m pretty sure you’ll be eating beans every day for the rest of your life and not just this week!” I’m sure she was referring to those particular beans she had made for lunch but it still made me laugh.

Another random tid bit, yesterday at lunch I met a mission friend of Ryan Embley! He served in the same mission and I thought, what are the chances that I can play the do you know so and so game all the way in Brazil and have it work out. It did! He said Elder Embley was a really good Elder and commented on how tall he was, yep definitely talking about the same kid! He asked if Ryan was married and he was very impressed when I told him there were 4 Embley weddings last year.

We’re teaching a lot of people here. The Elders left us a good number of people who have been taught everything they just need to commit! Perfect because Sister Soares is super to the point and isn’t one to beat around the bush. We’re teaching one family right now who are seriously golden. Luis and Malu and their two teenagers Isabella and Maik. A little over a year ago Maik’s twin brother passed away and the family has had a really hard time with blaming God for everything. They’ve been able to find so much comfort through learning about the temple and eternal families. Malu used to work every Sunday but has recently had her day off switched so she can come to church. Malu and Luis are legally married (very rare!) and none of them have word of wisdom issues (crazy rare!) They’re totally ready they just don’t know it yet. I’m excited to see this family progress.

I hope you have a great week as always. Love you all!
Sister Lund


I’m officially Sister Lunge for the next year April 18, 2011

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Greetings from my 5th area! As I’m sitting here to write you I can’t remember what the new area we’re in is called… hmmm I should probably learn that before long. To say the least it’s been kind of a crazy week. Long story short…. the branch in Imirim was divided and so our move changed from across town to about an hour away. I was heartbroken when President Cooley called to tell us we were being transferred, again…. I was only in Imirim for 3 weeks but saying goodbye to everyone yesterday felt like I was leaving home again. Especially saying goodbye to the Ferro family (who may or may not be e-mailing you with a picture or two, they were concerned that you wouldn’t be able to understand but I told them not to worry, you have your resources)

I was joking with the Elders in the office today that in a month when the mission has transfers again Sister Soares will stay here and train and I’ll be going to my 6th area. I sure have had an interesting start to the mission! So far so good with our new house though. Not gonna lie, it’s quite the upgrade. The Elders left it in perfect condition with both cleanliness and area book up to date so we’re pretty stoked to get to work here.

Happy Anniversary! I actually had that in my notes to mention to you this week. Thanks for getting married in the temple and being the best parents ever. In all seriousness though, the longer I’ve been away from home the more I appreciate what amazing parents I have. I have seen so many people in the last 6 months with less than ideal family situations and am so thankful that ours is “boring”. I sure love you!

I loved seeing the pictures of SISTER Reising! Too fun to be on a mission in the same country as my best friend. I laughed when she mentioned how people say her name. I’m officially Sister Lunge for the next year. Occasionally I’ll get sister lunch which always makes me chuckle a bit.
Well we really don’t have a lot of time this week, just wanted to let you know I’m safe and sound. We’ve got a lot to figure out in the next little bit! The Elders left us with an appointment tonight and we need to figure out where it is :)

Have a great week! I’m excited to report about the happenings from this week next time and hopefully by then I’ll know where I am :)
Love you lots and lots!
Sister Lund


We’ve been doing a lot of finding and teaching April 12, 2011

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Hello there!
Another week already?! I can’t believe you guys got snow! I’m starting to forget what that’s like. I have a couple of pictures with snow with the pictures I show people when they want to see family and what not. I don’t know why but it always surprises me how many people have never seen snow in their life before. I’m loving the usual rain we get though :)

This week I was reading D&C 10 and I remembered the scripture mastery song for 10:5, immediately I pictured Sister Oliver doing her dance she would always do welcoming us to early morning seminary senior year, good times :)
Momma R thanks for the e-mail. It really is encouraging to think of the eternal results of our efforts as missionaries. Thanks so much for all the love and support, I know the prayers are definitely making a difference!

I’m so excited to hear about Sam’s adventures in Brazil! I sent the first of many crazy cheap letters to her today. I love that it’s only a cent to send a “carta social”. She mentioned teaching an English class. It sounds like that’s something that gets used a lot down here. I’ll be officially starting English classes this weekend for the branch here. Great missionary tool, free English classes with an American! And it just “happens” to be taught in the church :) The members all seem pretty excited about it so I hope there’s a good turn out. I’m glad I’ve had a little bit of a background with teaching English.

Well news from this week, we found a new house!! We’ll be moving a week from today. Which means this week I’ll be packing all my things once again. I may be in this area longer than a transfer but I’m still yet to stay in an apartment longer than 5 weeks! It’ll be a good move though. Our current apartment is rather stuffy and moldy. Mom you know that fast dry towel thing you got both me and Travis? It’ll still be wet when we get home after hanging to dry all day. To say the least we’re excited for the change of location!
Also, next week on the 20th we’re going to the temple!! Perk of being transferred within the capital, it’s my new zone’s turn to go to the temple. That means that technically our p-day will be switched to Wednesday but seeing as we’re moving on monday I’m not sure… moral of the story I’m not sure when I’ll get to e-mail but if it’s not on Monday no worries I’ll write home on Wednesday :) I definitely have been spoiled with being so close to a temple here in São Paulo!

This week has been a super busy week. We’ve been doing a lot of finding and teaching the first. Hopefully we’ll be able to back into those homes and keep teaching!
Have a great week! Try to keep warm :) I sure love you!
-Sister Lund


This really is the Lord’s work April 4, 2011

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Hello there!
Sounds like a busy week for everyone!
SAM IS SOOOOOO CLOSE TO ME RIGHT NOW! I’m guessing she heads out tomorrow or Wednesday but for one more day we are like 10 minutes away from each other. I heard the other day that 29 Americans got visas and was thinking Sam was probably in that group. Oh while I’m thinking of the Reisings: Momma R, feel free to e-mail but I’ll have to respond in shout out form from this e-mail. Thanks so much for the letter! Those stories were really encouraging. This really is the Lord’s work, we just have to listen and not try to do it our own way. Also, now a few weeks removed from the situation with the Bishop in Vertentes I can definitely see how it could have been handled better. We all needed an added dose of humility with that one. Lesson learned :)

Thanks for the St. Patty’s day card and the letter from Hermana West. Can you believe I completely forgot about wearing green this year? It wasn’t until Sister Peck and I were planning that night that we realized it was St. Patrick’s day and we then were obligated to pinch each other.

Wasn’t conference amazing?! I can’t wait to be able to read it again. I watched the first session in Portuguese with Sister Soares and then for the rest went upstairs to watch in English with the other American missionaries. It was neat to think of everyone back home listening to the same thing I was! I thought of Daddy with Elder Scott’s talk about his wife and kids. Thanks for being my friend when you were home after traveling Monday morning-Friday night, I love you Daddy!

Not gonna lie, I’m extremely happy to hear that Jeffrey, Kelli and Bekka will be in Provo for a few more years. Not just because BYU is amazing (I may or may not have squealed a little bit when Cecil O. Samuelson spoke in conference…) but we can still play when I get back!

Way to go Mariners! When was the last time we had a winning record? Too bad about the sounders but they’ll make a come back for sure.

It’s been a good week here. Learning more and more Portuguese every day. I’ve yet to learn how to cook mommy but we’ll see if I can pick it up this next transfer :) I’m not overly anxious to bring the rice and beans home with me.

Quick experience before I’ve gotta go. Saturday night we got home after conference and both appointments fell through. We felt like we needed to stop by a member we had lunch with earlier in the week. It was kind of awkward at first because we really didn’t have a reason to be there. We shared a thought, discussed conference a bit, and asked if there was anyone they knew we could teach. Tabita said in joking we should teach her boyfriend. Who happens to walk in a few minutes later but her boyfriend, and taking every referral seriously we ended up teaching him the first lesson and he was actually really receptive! Sad thing is he doesn’t live in our area but it was still a good teaching experience.

Well friends, the church is true! Thanks for all the love and support. You are in my prayers :)

Love you all!

Sister Lund