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Greetings from Imirim! March 28, 2011

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I’m excited for general conference this weekend too. We’ll be watching from a member’s house on Saturday and then taking a bus to the stake center on Sunday. It’s so crazy to think that general conference is here again already! It seems like just last month we were watching it together the weekend before I reported. Time sure is flying faster and faster.

Emergency transfer this week, I’m now in Imirim with Sister Soares. It’s funny because Thursday was my 5 week mark and Friday would have made Caxingui/Vertentes the longest area I’ve served in but then President called and said to be in the office Friday morning ready to go. I’m starting to think 5 weeks is how long I will be in any given area :) actually we all had a mini interview with President before the switch was made and he said something I haven’t heard my whole mission “get comfortable, you’ll be in this area for a while!” I hope he’s right! I’m not entirely sure what went down to need an emergency transfer, it felt very much like a don’t ask don’t tell situation and I wasn’t about to pry any further. President said the mission has officially started for me now, I’m with a native companion who doesn’t speak any English, sink or swim time! It’s crazy how much I’ve really started speaking in the last 4 days. Sister Soares has been out a little over a year but never had an American companion so fresh on the mission so she never really needed to learn English. As long as she speaks a little slower and clearly I can understand pretty much everything she’s saying though! I was a bit nervous when the first word she taught me was “mofo” or mold. Our house has a nasty case of mold, everything everywhere is so wet and thick it’s not the most comfortable setting in the world but we’re currently keeping an eye out for a different house that’s in the area we can relocate to. Sister Soares loves to cook which is good because with fewer members there are a lot of days when we don’t have lunch at someone’s house. It also works out because I like to eat but don’t know how to cook :) She asked if there’s anything I don’t like to eat and to be honest I’ve liked pretty much everything here (I know mom you’d be proud of me for trying so much!). The only thing I’ve had a hard time with (besides corn, still not a huge fan of that one… and that’s not even a Brazilian thing) are some of the desserts being on the slimy side, it’s a texture thing :)

I love this area so far! It’s way different from Cax/Ver. Imirim is pretty close to Casa Verde where the CTM is, it feels a lot more like a city and less like the quiet neighborhood of Caxingui. It’s a branch here and I seriously love the members! From the first day I was here it was open arms and excitement to have a new missionary here. The branch is small but they are so close. I’ve already seen several occasions where members are at each other’s houses in a moments notice to help out with something or other. It has a very small town feel to it.

We had a baptism this Saturday that was a bit on the adventurous side. We went to fill up the font and the water in the church ran out. Some members came to the rescue though and made an assembly line from a nearby house and were passing buckets for a good hour. We got enough water for Warner to be baptized kneeling down. Something Sister Carter always said was there’s not such thing as an easy baptism, I’m definitely learning that!

Well that sums up my week. The church is true wherever you go!
Hope you have a great week and enjoy the opportunity to hear our living prophet speak to us this weekend. How cool is that!?
Love you!
Sister Lund


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