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Service is a good foot in the door March 22, 2011

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P-day got switched this week because of a district p-day. We´re partying it up in the office for the day :) Which means it’ll be another week for pictures… BBQ later today and lots of rounds of Monopoly Deal. It’s fun to play it in Portuguese, a lot of the streets they refer to are in this mission.
Hope everyone had a good week!

This week has gone really fast. Things are going well in Cax/Ver. We’re teaching Fransisco a 17 year old boy who will be baptized a week from today. He’s pretty much the definition of golden. He just moved in with his older sister who lives in the Vertentes ward. She joined the church years ago but her family didn’t. Now that Fransisco is living with her he’s been coming to church and going to all the activities with the youth, the youth in Vertentes are solid!! On Sunday she had us come over to meet with Fransisco and when we walked in he was sitting in the living room with scriptures in hand with a look of “teach me” on his face. It was great! It´s been good practice for me to be able to go through all the lessons in Portuguese. Up to this point I haven´t really taught past the first lesson in Portuguese. I´m feeling a lot more comfortable with the language these days. Having Sister Felipe with us has done wonders. I don´t need Sister Peck to translate every question I´m asked anymore. Lunches are a lot more enjoyable when I understand what’s going on! Sister Peck keeps saying I´m becoming Brazilian because I´m starting to get really hungry before lunches now. The first few days were really hard to eat very much because I didn’t usually eat very much for lunch, but now come 12 I can’t wait to have our big meal for the day!

Another highlight from this week was teaching English to an older couple. We contacted them in the street of this richy neighborhood and he mentioned that he´s trying to find someone to teach him English because he´s some president of a company that works really closely with the states. Seeing as Sister Peck and I happen to be from the states that works out great! It was so fun to teach English!! I actually felt like I could contribute significantly to the lesson (knowing English and having a TESOL background helps :). He already speaks really well, we were pretty much just having a conversation with him and explaining different phrases he´ll hear a lot and how when he hears someone speak it’ll be super shortened. “I’m gonna go to the store” compared to “I am going to go to the store”. They offered to give us a ride home and on the way they started asking us more about the church. Service really is such a good foot in the door! They’re planning on coming to stake conference tomorrow.

We had a pet lizard for a few days. Sister Peck and Sister Felipe definitely loved Leo more than I did. I had similar sentiments towards him as I did my roommate’s pet freshman year (not nearly as strong, I wasn’t as afraid of Leo as I was Fabio). We came home last night and sadly he had escaped from his home they had lovingly made for him. They were concerned for his safety, I was concerned about where he’ll turn up next!

This Thursday we get to go to the São Paulo temple! I’m pretty stoked. We walk by it at least once a week, I’m excited to go in :)
Hope you all have a great week. Love you lots and lots!
Sister Lund


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