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I LOVE the temple March 22, 2011

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I love that arrangement of I know that My Redeemer Lives. I’ve played a bit for district meetings and this week I was asked to play for ward choir. The chapel has a full electric keyboard which works pretty good expect one key sticks and I found out that note is used a lot in the song ´´Choose the Right´´, thankfully that´s not the song I´ll be playing for them but it sounded funny when I was playing it the other day.

This week was quite the roller coaster to say the least. Really high highs and really frustrating lows.

We got to go to the temple this week! I LOVE the temple. I have missed going to the temple so much since getting out in the field. It was so neat to do a session in Portuguese and actually understand it! (It helps that I’ve been here a month and with a native and the fact that I went so often in English before I reported) That was definitely a highlight and perk of serving in the capital. Zones in the interior don´t get to go to the temple but as long as I´m here we should get to go once every other transfer.

Another Highlight: FRANCISCO´s baptism!!! The low part of the week also surrounded this…. The bishop was a bit less than supportive, ok a lot unsupportive and it´s turned into a huge mess of drama. I feel like we´re all back in middle school. Apparently this ward in particular has had problems with youth baptisms and then them going inactive right away so the fact that Francisco was getting baptized so soon caused quite a bit of drama that´s still not resolved yet… but that aside… The baptism was great!!!! He´s already talking about going on a mission in a year. I´ve never seen someone so prepared, this kid is amazing!!!!

Other random things I made note to mention this week:

Serving with Sister Felipe has been mutually beneficial as far as the language goes. I think I´m getting way more out of it though! This week she learned two things from Sister Peck and me, the verb ´´to be like´´ as in ´´I was like, he was like, she was like, we were like, they were like etc..´´ apparently when Sister Peck and I get going in English we say ´´like´´ a lot and Sister Felipe asked what that verb was we kept saying. She answered the phone for the Zone Leader that night and was so excited to tell him the new verb she learned! We also taught her the good ol´ girl´s camp song ´´Mormon Boy´´, I can´t remember how that one came up but she had us write down on the words to it and she´s having a lot of fun with that.

Yesterday´s lunch was a lot of fun, it was the family we ate with my first Sunday here. I´ve noticed already that I´m picking up the majority of small talk these days but it was a lot of fun to go to the same house where a month ago I was quite lost and to actually be able to contribute to the conversation this time!

To SAM REISING: Holy cow you´re so crazy close to being done with the MTC! I´ve heard that a sister coming to this mission got her visa, I want to say it was Sister Adamson but I can´t remember, we´re really hoping for Sister Wolford as well because our numbers for sisters will be odd if not. Can´t wait to meet which ever one it was that´s coming!! As far as what to bring/leave… The only stuff I can think that I sent home and am glad I don´t have is all the heavy winter stuff I had for Colorado. I´m going through bug spray like no one´s buisness though so make sure you´ve got some of that. Oh another side note I thought only you would appreciate… we were at lunch the other day and the irma was playing around on her phone for random songs and we all got rick rolled! How crazy is that, I´m all the way in Brazil and that song still haunts me :) brought back good memories of our road trip jam sessions! I got a list of all the Brazil mission addresses and yes ma’am I´m pretty excited to write you for a cent!

Well that about wraps up my week! The church is true!! I love you all!


Sister Lund

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Sorry my e-mail must not have gone through last week. I’ll include it here if you’re curious…


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