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We literally were chasing people down March 7, 2011

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Thanks for cutting and pasting Sam’s e-mail, it worked great :) Sounds like she’s still doing great! It’s crazy to think she´s already half way done at the MTC. I´m excited to meet these 5 new missionaries. We definitely need more sisters here, areas are closing like crazy because we don’t have enough of us. (Elders help too but president was saying the other day that it´s really hard to move around sisters because there’s so few of us)

Transfers shook things up a bit, I´m still in a trio but Sister Steinbeigle is training in the interior and Sister Peck and I are now with Sister Felipe. Portuguese all day every day now! It´s helped a lot actually. I´m understanding a lot more. We went on divisions the other day and I went with Sister Felipe while Sister Peck went with a member. It was so fun doing contacts with Sister Felipe, she’s way bold and friendly all in one. We literally were chasing people down to contact them it was great! One guy we ran after turned around with a “why on earth are you chasing after me” and in my out of breath Portuguese I explained that we’re missionaries with a really important message for him! Sister Felipe went on to explain how long we’d been running up this super steep hill all because we wanted to share this message so he listened! She´s quite the fireball!

Tuesday when we were by the office for transfers we ate lunch at a legit Tucanos. A-MA-ZING! Holy craziness the meat melted in my mouth it was so good. In other food news, I experienced (can´t remember the name of it) but a tomato looking fruit that David Wiggins was telling me about. Really good! Sister Peck and I split a mango for breakfast today. I love the fruit here!!!
The weather as been absolutely amazing. Everyone is saying how cold it is and they’re afraid we’re going to get sick walking around but it feels like a perfect spring day in Seattle, light breeze and misty. I love it! I’ve seen several people wearing socks and flip flops, makes me feel right at home :)
I meant to bring my camera down today to send pictures but once again I forgot. Hopefully next week!

As far as the work, it’s been super slow this weekend with everyone and their dog traveling for carnival. (Seriously EVERYONE has a dog or 3 or 4 around here, I’ve never seen so many dogs in my life! I’ve made friends with one that lives on our street, I don´t know if he knows we’re friends yet but he’s my favorite and I always say Hi as we pass by…)

This area is really struggling to get people to progress past the first lesson. Everyone is more than happy to have us come in and teach the first lesson and then the problem is ever seeing them again. We’ll go back 3 or 4 times and they’re either not home or unable to talk at that time. Member references are golden around here though, all the recent converts both in Vertentes and Caxingui are pretty much all referrals so we´re going to make a push to work more with members.

I hope you all have a great week! The Gospel is true. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I know miracles still happen today and I will most definitely be praying for one on behalf of Isaac and family.

I love you all!

Sister Lund


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