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Greetings from Imirim! March 28, 2011

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I’m excited for general conference this weekend too. We’ll be watching from a member’s house on Saturday and then taking a bus to the stake center on Sunday. It’s so crazy to think that general conference is here again already! It seems like just last month we were watching it together the weekend before I reported. Time sure is flying faster and faster.

Emergency transfer this week, I’m now in Imirim with Sister Soares. It’s funny because Thursday was my 5 week mark and Friday would have made Caxingui/Vertentes the longest area I’ve served in but then President called and said to be in the office Friday morning ready to go. I’m starting to think 5 weeks is how long I will be in any given area :) actually we all had a mini interview with President before the switch was made and he said something I haven’t heard my whole mission “get comfortable, you’ll be in this area for a while!” I hope he’s right! I’m not entirely sure what went down to need an emergency transfer, it felt very much like a don’t ask don’t tell situation and I wasn’t about to pry any further. President said the mission has officially started for me now, I’m with a native companion who doesn’t speak any English, sink or swim time! It’s crazy how much I’ve really started speaking in the last 4 days. Sister Soares has been out a little over a year but never had an American companion so fresh on the mission so she never really needed to learn English. As long as she speaks a little slower and clearly I can understand pretty much everything she’s saying though! I was a bit nervous when the first word she taught me was “mofo” or mold. Our house has a nasty case of mold, everything everywhere is so wet and thick it’s not the most comfortable setting in the world but we’re currently keeping an eye out for a different house that’s in the area we can relocate to. Sister Soares loves to cook which is good because with fewer members there are a lot of days when we don’t have lunch at someone’s house. It also works out because I like to eat but don’t know how to cook :) She asked if there’s anything I don’t like to eat and to be honest I’ve liked pretty much everything here (I know mom you’d be proud of me for trying so much!). The only thing I’ve had a hard time with (besides corn, still not a huge fan of that one… and that’s not even a Brazilian thing) are some of the desserts being on the slimy side, it’s a texture thing :)

I love this area so far! It’s way different from Cax/Ver. Imirim is pretty close to Casa Verde where the CTM is, it feels a lot more like a city and less like the quiet neighborhood of Caxingui. It’s a branch here and I seriously love the members! From the first day I was here it was open arms and excitement to have a new missionary here. The branch is small but they are so close. I’ve already seen several occasions where members are at each other’s houses in a moments notice to help out with something or other. It has a very small town feel to it.

We had a baptism this Saturday that was a bit on the adventurous side. We went to fill up the font and the water in the church ran out. Some members came to the rescue though and made an assembly line from a nearby house and were passing buckets for a good hour. We got enough water for Warner to be baptized kneeling down. Something Sister Carter always said was there’s not such thing as an easy baptism, I’m definitely learning that!

Well that sums up my week. The church is true wherever you go!
Hope you have a great week and enjoy the opportunity to hear our living prophet speak to us this weekend. How cool is that!?
Love you!
Sister Lund


I LOVE the temple March 22, 2011

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I love that arrangement of I know that My Redeemer Lives. I’ve played a bit for district meetings and this week I was asked to play for ward choir. The chapel has a full electric keyboard which works pretty good expect one key sticks and I found out that note is used a lot in the song ´´Choose the Right´´, thankfully that´s not the song I´ll be playing for them but it sounded funny when I was playing it the other day.

This week was quite the roller coaster to say the least. Really high highs and really frustrating lows.

We got to go to the temple this week! I LOVE the temple. I have missed going to the temple so much since getting out in the field. It was so neat to do a session in Portuguese and actually understand it! (It helps that I’ve been here a month and with a native and the fact that I went so often in English before I reported) That was definitely a highlight and perk of serving in the capital. Zones in the interior don´t get to go to the temple but as long as I´m here we should get to go once every other transfer.

Another Highlight: FRANCISCO´s baptism!!! The low part of the week also surrounded this…. The bishop was a bit less than supportive, ok a lot unsupportive and it´s turned into a huge mess of drama. I feel like we´re all back in middle school. Apparently this ward in particular has had problems with youth baptisms and then them going inactive right away so the fact that Francisco was getting baptized so soon caused quite a bit of drama that´s still not resolved yet… but that aside… The baptism was great!!!! He´s already talking about going on a mission in a year. I´ve never seen someone so prepared, this kid is amazing!!!!

Other random things I made note to mention this week:

Serving with Sister Felipe has been mutually beneficial as far as the language goes. I think I´m getting way more out of it though! This week she learned two things from Sister Peck and me, the verb ´´to be like´´ as in ´´I was like, he was like, she was like, we were like, they were like etc..´´ apparently when Sister Peck and I get going in English we say ´´like´´ a lot and Sister Felipe asked what that verb was we kept saying. She answered the phone for the Zone Leader that night and was so excited to tell him the new verb she learned! We also taught her the good ol´ girl´s camp song ´´Mormon Boy´´, I can´t remember how that one came up but she had us write down on the words to it and she´s having a lot of fun with that.

Yesterday´s lunch was a lot of fun, it was the family we ate with my first Sunday here. I´ve noticed already that I´m picking up the majority of small talk these days but it was a lot of fun to go to the same house where a month ago I was quite lost and to actually be able to contribute to the conversation this time!

To SAM REISING: Holy cow you´re so crazy close to being done with the MTC! I´ve heard that a sister coming to this mission got her visa, I want to say it was Sister Adamson but I can´t remember, we´re really hoping for Sister Wolford as well because our numbers for sisters will be odd if not. Can´t wait to meet which ever one it was that´s coming!! As far as what to bring/leave… The only stuff I can think that I sent home and am glad I don´t have is all the heavy winter stuff I had for Colorado. I´m going through bug spray like no one´s buisness though so make sure you´ve got some of that. Oh another side note I thought only you would appreciate… we were at lunch the other day and the irma was playing around on her phone for random songs and we all got rick rolled! How crazy is that, I´m all the way in Brazil and that song still haunts me :) brought back good memories of our road trip jam sessions! I got a list of all the Brazil mission addresses and yes ma’am I´m pretty excited to write you for a cent!

Well that about wraps up my week! The church is true!! I love you all!


Sister Lund

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Sorry my e-mail must not have gone through last week. I’ll include it here if you’re curious…


Service is a good foot in the door

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P-day got switched this week because of a district p-day. We´re partying it up in the office for the day :) Which means it’ll be another week for pictures… BBQ later today and lots of rounds of Monopoly Deal. It’s fun to play it in Portuguese, a lot of the streets they refer to are in this mission.
Hope everyone had a good week!

This week has gone really fast. Things are going well in Cax/Ver. We’re teaching Fransisco a 17 year old boy who will be baptized a week from today. He’s pretty much the definition of golden. He just moved in with his older sister who lives in the Vertentes ward. She joined the church years ago but her family didn’t. Now that Fransisco is living with her he’s been coming to church and going to all the activities with the youth, the youth in Vertentes are solid!! On Sunday she had us come over to meet with Fransisco and when we walked in he was sitting in the living room with scriptures in hand with a look of “teach me” on his face. It was great! It´s been good practice for me to be able to go through all the lessons in Portuguese. Up to this point I haven´t really taught past the first lesson in Portuguese. I´m feeling a lot more comfortable with the language these days. Having Sister Felipe with us has done wonders. I don´t need Sister Peck to translate every question I´m asked anymore. Lunches are a lot more enjoyable when I understand what’s going on! Sister Peck keeps saying I´m becoming Brazilian because I´m starting to get really hungry before lunches now. The first few days were really hard to eat very much because I didn’t usually eat very much for lunch, but now come 12 I can’t wait to have our big meal for the day!

Another highlight from this week was teaching English to an older couple. We contacted them in the street of this richy neighborhood and he mentioned that he´s trying to find someone to teach him English because he´s some president of a company that works really closely with the states. Seeing as Sister Peck and I happen to be from the states that works out great! It was so fun to teach English!! I actually felt like I could contribute significantly to the lesson (knowing English and having a TESOL background helps :). He already speaks really well, we were pretty much just having a conversation with him and explaining different phrases he´ll hear a lot and how when he hears someone speak it’ll be super shortened. “I’m gonna go to the store” compared to “I am going to go to the store”. They offered to give us a ride home and on the way they started asking us more about the church. Service really is such a good foot in the door! They’re planning on coming to stake conference tomorrow.

We had a pet lizard for a few days. Sister Peck and Sister Felipe definitely loved Leo more than I did. I had similar sentiments towards him as I did my roommate’s pet freshman year (not nearly as strong, I wasn’t as afraid of Leo as I was Fabio). We came home last night and sadly he had escaped from his home they had lovingly made for him. They were concerned for his safety, I was concerned about where he’ll turn up next!

This Thursday we get to go to the São Paulo temple! I’m pretty stoked. We walk by it at least once a week, I’m excited to go in :)
Hope you all have a great week. Love you lots and lots!
Sister Lund


We literally were chasing people down March 7, 2011

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Thanks for cutting and pasting Sam’s e-mail, it worked great :) Sounds like she’s still doing great! It’s crazy to think she´s already half way done at the MTC. I´m excited to meet these 5 new missionaries. We definitely need more sisters here, areas are closing like crazy because we don’t have enough of us. (Elders help too but president was saying the other day that it´s really hard to move around sisters because there’s so few of us)

Transfers shook things up a bit, I´m still in a trio but Sister Steinbeigle is training in the interior and Sister Peck and I are now with Sister Felipe. Portuguese all day every day now! It´s helped a lot actually. I´m understanding a lot more. We went on divisions the other day and I went with Sister Felipe while Sister Peck went with a member. It was so fun doing contacts with Sister Felipe, she’s way bold and friendly all in one. We literally were chasing people down to contact them it was great! One guy we ran after turned around with a “why on earth are you chasing after me” and in my out of breath Portuguese I explained that we’re missionaries with a really important message for him! Sister Felipe went on to explain how long we’d been running up this super steep hill all because we wanted to share this message so he listened! She´s quite the fireball!

Tuesday when we were by the office for transfers we ate lunch at a legit Tucanos. A-MA-ZING! Holy craziness the meat melted in my mouth it was so good. In other food news, I experienced (can´t remember the name of it) but a tomato looking fruit that David Wiggins was telling me about. Really good! Sister Peck and I split a mango for breakfast today. I love the fruit here!!!
The weather as been absolutely amazing. Everyone is saying how cold it is and they’re afraid we’re going to get sick walking around but it feels like a perfect spring day in Seattle, light breeze and misty. I love it! I’ve seen several people wearing socks and flip flops, makes me feel right at home :)
I meant to bring my camera down today to send pictures but once again I forgot. Hopefully next week!

As far as the work, it’s been super slow this weekend with everyone and their dog traveling for carnival. (Seriously EVERYONE has a dog or 3 or 4 around here, I’ve never seen so many dogs in my life! I’ve made friends with one that lives on our street, I don´t know if he knows we’re friends yet but he’s my favorite and I always say Hi as we pass by…)

This area is really struggling to get people to progress past the first lesson. Everyone is more than happy to have us come in and teach the first lesson and then the problem is ever seeing them again. We’ll go back 3 or 4 times and they’re either not home or unable to talk at that time. Member references are golden around here though, all the recent converts both in Vertentes and Caxingui are pretty much all referrals so we´re going to make a push to work more with members.

I hope you all have a great week! The Gospel is true. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I know miracles still happen today and I will most definitely be praying for one on behalf of Isaac and family.

I love you all!

Sister Lund