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Don’t hesitate to share it with others! February 28, 2011

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Hey There!

I haven’t been able to get on to read Sam’s e-mails but sounds like visas are coming through more and more.

That´s too bad the package got broke up, hopefully everything came through! I sent the coat home because I found another one that fit a little better in Colorado. No worries, I´m still ready if it decides to get crazy cold here. Sister Peck always talks about how hot the interior was in the winter though so I´m not going to get too excited about the colder temperatures in the winter.

First full week went well! I´m pretty much used to never understanding completely what’s going on. I can generally pick up on when they´re talking to me and it´s usually a question about where I’m from or how long I´ve been there: Washington and uma semana :) The ward keeps saying that Washington is the new factory. All the missionaries used to come from Utah but as of late so many are from Washington. I’ve heard it’s because visas are easier to come by in the North West.

I love attending church! Not only do I pick up on more of what people are saying because it´s generally related to the gospel all the vocabulary I know… but it´s so nice to be able to feel the spirit and be with members. I also love being in a family ward again, the kids here and so crazy cute!!!

Making contacts has been a lot harder in Portuguese! I can usually struggle my way through the point that I tell them we´re missionaries and then they respond and I turn to one of my companions with a look “I have no idea what they just said, please help :)”

São Paulo is HUGE! Every time we´re in an apartment and I look out the window all you can see are buildings everywhere you look. Sister Peck and Sister Steinbeigle talk about the mission in two parts, the capital and the interior. We´re definitely in the capital right now, 10 minute walk from church headquarters and the temple down here.

Some highlights from this week I made note to mention:

We´re teaching a husband and wife and named Novina and Mario. She’s from New Zealand and he´s from somewhere around here. They met when he was in New Zealand for a bit. I love teaching them, because we teach in English! I feel like a missionary again and can actually contribute to the lesson! It´s great :) but that´s not the only reason I love teaching them. He´s been reading the Book of Mormon and says he likes how he feels when he reads it. We just dropped off a Book of Mormon in English for her and haven´t been able to follow up but she said she was really excited to start reading and connect with her husband on a spiritual level. They are such an amazing family! They have a little boy, a little more than a year old with the cutest curly hair I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  I love after we leave we all talk in an accent for a good while until we’ve made enough contacts we’re back in Portuguese mode.

A recent convert offered us watermelon the other day and it made me think of Kelli :)

Transfers are this week and it’s very much up in the air what’s going to happen. We had interviews with President on Friday and he said if they can find a short term sister missionary he’ll have Sister Steinbeigle open an area and train for her last 5 weeks, if they can’t then we’ll probably stay in a trio. It’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening!

We got to watch Joseph Smith- Prophet of the Restoration (the one they show in Salt Lake) with a less active family last night. It was really neat to watch it in Portuguese. It made the part about going into every nation to share the gospel a lot more powerful. I love the spirit that comes through learning more about Joseph Smith. One thing I’ve learned more than ever before is the importance of knowing that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Once someone has a testimony of that, everything else will come with it, and the Book of Mormon is evidence of that. You can’t have one without the other. This really is our unique message to the world. Don’t hesitate to share it with others!

Hope you all have a great week! I love you lots and lots.


Sister Lund


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