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On Hiatus December 15, 2010

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Lori is doing well and loving Colorado, her letters won’t be posted online while she is state side. Leave your information if you would like them emailed.


You are hereby reassigned to…… December 3, 2010

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Hello family!

Sorry upfront that this e-mail is going to be scattered/spacey and shorter… that’s kinda how this week has gone.

First off, sounds like you all had a great thanksgiving! Thanks for the Pictures Kelli, that meal looks AMAZING! I loved the pictures of Bekka of course, I miss that little princess. I can’t believe how big she’s getting! I’m glad you were able to make it up to Salt Lake City to see the lights. I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! They turned them on here at the MTC this week. I’ve noticed our walks to dinner have become a bit longer because we all like to ooh and aah at the lights.

Thanks for Elder Lund’s letters :) His teacher here has stopped me twice now to say how much he missed Elder Lund and that district. Sounds like the pictures he’s sending home are quite the sight, Brother (don’t remember his name…) also commented on the bike picture :) From both of your descriptions it sounds like Travis is quite the character. This week in a departing devotional the speaker quoted Pres. Hinckley speaking to missionaries and said “don’t do anything STUPID” Good advice little bro ;)

This week has seriously been absolutely crazy. Knowing that we’re getting our reassignments has made it a little hard to focus on the Portuguese aspect.

Reassignments were a bit late this week so we didn’t get to call early in the week. We found out yesterday….. I’m going to COLORADO SPRINGS!!!! Soooooooo excited. I leave Wednesday morning (at 4am… not as excited about that part….) For Everyone: my new address will be 4090 Center Park Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80916

I’m seriously so stoked to go to Colorado. I was hoping for somewhere warm but maybe I’ll just be pulling the sympathy card on doorsteps to get in because they feel bad that I’m so cold :) Elder Dearborn (who will be in Sao Paulo North with me…. eventually…) is from there and so we were talking areas all day yesterday. It’ll be fun to catch up when we both get down to Brazil! Still no online application for me, so really no idea how long I’ll be there.

Sister Owens also leaves Wednesday but she’s going to Pittsburgh. We’re both pretty jazzed that we’ll be here for another devotional on Tuesday. This week was Sister Beck and it was AMAZING! She talked about how her dad was a mission president in Brazil when she was growing up and she explained how through the efforts of her parents the MTC was organized down there. I love Sister Beck, she’s so personal when she speaks. I remember last year she spoke for my BYU stake’s relief society and did a question and answer session. Everything she answered directly from the scriptures, she seriously knows her stuff. She made a comment that this knowledge and ability to answer life’s questions comes from daily, consistent study of the scriptures. We really can find an answer to EVERY question we could ever have in the scriptures.

Times up for this week! Next e-mail from Colorado!!!

Love you all!!!

-Sister Lund


More MTC Pictures December 2, 2010

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