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Week 6- The Gospel makes so much sense! November 13, 2010

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I can’t believe it’s already been another week! This really was a week of goodbyes. 3 Brazil districts left for their reassignments including Elder Lund. We said our final goodbyes Sunday night with lots of pictures taken so I’ll be sending some of those home shortly. I’m so excited to hear how the mission field is treating him! It’s been weird this week without him at meals and what not but I’m so excited for my little bro to be putting into action everything we’ve been studying so hard here at the MTC. Hermana West also left this week so no more buddy from home singing with me at devotionals :( It was so fun to share that with her each week! She’ll do great in Chicago!! Another Brazil district that was on our floor headed out this week so it’s been weird not having them around. These are the Elders that first introduced us to secreta oracao.

I was glad to hear that BYU did so well this week. We could hear the game from our room and when Irmao Halverson came for class I asked for an update: thumbs up or down and he gave two thumbs up :)

Sounds like things are working out with the house. Exciting to know I’ll have a place to come home to visit even if my room has since been taken over.

Surgery doesn’t sound like a very fun way for Grandma to spend my birthday but it’ll be great in the long run. I’m glad you’ll be able to go down for a bit Dad. Send my love as well!

I loved the e-mail from aunt Nancy! I can see Uncle Rick enjoying an experience like that. I love how confident we can be when discussing the gospel, because we really do have the truth! The more and more I teach lessons the more that becomes so clear in my mind. The Gospel makes so much sense!!

Well Travis was right, he may have left one week too soon, we had ANOTHER apostle this week! Elder Bednar. It was such a good devotional. My personal gospel study is forever changed. He talked about the importance of understanding the Doctrine behind the principles and applications. I tend to focus so much on the application of things because that’s what you can put on a check list and I most definitely am a check list person. For a true change of heart to occur however, one must clearly understand the doctrine. As we teach we need to focus on the WHY behind the things we do. I’ve started re-reading general conference this week- thanks to the awesome spiral bound copy from my BFFFEFSR Torrie :) and have been focusing on understanding the doctrine that is being taught. I love how in the opening remarks by President Monson he talks about missionary work and the importance of sharing the gospel with others and the need for more missionaries! If that doesn’t pump us up here in the MTC I don’t know what will! Another thing that I noticed reading through again was Elder Holland thanking his parents for supporting him on his mission. I can’t say it enough, I am SO THANKFUL for you mom and dad for providing me with the opportunity to serve a mission. I have loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to start teaching people who are really in need of the gospel message. You’re the best :)

This week Sister Owens and I taught our first lesson completely in Portuguese! I can’t say it was the most amazing lesson we’ve ever taught in our lives but it was so neat to be able to go through all the points of the restoration in another langauge! The volunteer we had this week was an older man (not a BYU volunteer) and he was so patient with us and helped soooo much. I think we really amused him as well because in some instances we resorted to hand motions and sound effects to get our point across. After the lesson was over he stepped out of character and told us he was really impressed with how much we could say only having been there 5 weeks. We’ve got a long ways to go but at the same time we’ve really learned so much! I taught the first lesson again in Portuguese this morning spontaneously to Sister Calder and Sister Denson over breakfast. It’s so much fun!!! I love teaching the Restoration, like I said earlier it just makes so much sense!!

News on the visa front: 5 visas came in on Monday, still no one from our district but at least some people are getting down there! Both sisters that got visas were in different trios which didn’t throw anything off because their trios just went to two. It just goes to show that the Lord really does know who needs to be there and has a hand in the work. Sister Owens got called down to the travel office to fill out the online part of the visa application so her papers are progressing. I’m yet to be called down but hopefully soon! The online application expires within 30 days of filling it out so it’s the hope that within a month of getting called down for the online part you get your visa. At this point we’re all still expecting reassigments. Another Brazil district got the reassignments this week, much more spread out than last weeks district who almost all went to Alabama. This week calls were made to Washington, Texas, and Idaho. I’m hoping for somewhere warm where my wardrobe is a little bit more suited for. I’m fine while at the MTC because I’m outside for a total of 10 minutes a day walking from the classroom to meals but I’m thinking much longer and it’d start to be a little on the chilly side for these winter months. Again, thank goodness for Grandma’s coat that Grandpa gave me!

Well time’s about up. I love you all! I love being a missionary. I love the Gospel and being able to share it every day!!!

have a great week!!!


Sister Lund


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