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Week 1- We are so blessed to have this knowledge! October 10, 2010

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I can’t believe it’s only been 3 days! I seriously love it here but it seems like we’ve been here for so much longer than that! Sorry in advance that this is going to be a really scattered e-mail. There’s so much I wanted to say in so little time!

I love being a missionary :) The MTC so far is seriously like the most intense EFY experience ever. I love it! During the orientation meeting on Wednesday I was asked to say the closing prayer and I loved getting to look out on a room full of brand new missionaries. There was so much energy and excitement. Travis would be proud that I really am PUMPED to be here as he would say. I don’t think it hit me that I’m really a missionary until Thursday morning when I woke up and was still in the MTC and got ready by putting on my name tag. I love looking in the mirror and seeing Sister Lund on my shirt with Jesus Cristo right under my name.

My companion Sister Owens and I are PERFECT for each other. There are so many ways that we just adore each other. I knew from the first meal together that we were going to get along just fine :) She offered me her roast beef because she doesn’t like meat and I offered her my carrots because well.. they’re not my favorite things in the world. She also sleeps with a stuffed animal which made me feel better about bringing my cougar because I’m not the only 21 year old on a mission who needs the comfort of a stuffed animal to sleep with. She has a really good sense of direction which helps because I was blessed with Mom’s sense of direction, or lack there off… :) She really has gotten us to everywhere we need to be this week. We go jogging every morning which has been a blast. They say 10 laps make a mile but I’m convinced that that’s more than a mile I know I’m out of shape but I’m starting to get tired after 2! After we jog we’ve gotten sack breakfast instead of going to the cafeteria which is AMAZING! It’s so much easier to bring it back to the room and get ready rather than waiting in lines and eating heavy greasy food in the morning. Bagels = happiness :) especially after we discovered a toaster on our floor. So many other things but moral of the story, I love my companion!

Random: first night in the cafeteria I saw KRISTEN WEST! or I guess she’s hermana west now. It was so good to see a familiar face within the first few hours of being there. We’ll have to get a picture before she leaves in 5 weeks since we didn’t that night.

My favorite fellow missionary encounter is definitely whenever I see Elder Lund! It’s so cool to be here with my little bro :) Sister Owens and I went up to his classroom this morning so we could get a picture together. I’ll try and figure out how to send you a copy. We look good! I’m so proud of him. It’s been fun to follow in his foot steps for a bit. The first time I saw him was Thursday at lunch and I really had no idea what was going on still. He asked me about my schedule and to be honest I was just going from hour to hour and going with the flow. He’s got it figured out it seems! Sounds like more of his district is getting visas. There is so much speculation about visas around the Portuguese districts it’s not even funny.

I have the best district ever! 10 Elders and then me and Sister Owens. We get along so well and I love studying with and learning from them all. I’m surprised how close we’ve gotten in the short time we’ve been here. We sit together for all the meals (except when Sister Owens and I take breakfast back to our room) and the Elders stand every time we come to the table. It’s adorable! I don’t really think of them as being younger than me until they talk about graduating last year and that makes me feel a bit old compared to them.

Two Elders actually have quite a bit of language background and would’ve been moved to an intermediate class if they had one for Portuguese but seeing as they don’t we’re blessed to have them with us! Brother Halverson one of our teachers served with Jeffrey. He says he remembers him but that he (being Bro. Halverson) was a bit younger so they didn’t spend too much time together. We are his first district which has been so fun. He’s so excited to be here and has so much energy and you can tell he just has a passion for missionary work. I love his lessons. Today in class we learned how to testify in Portuguese which was soooo cool! We each wrote out our testimonies and then had a mini testimony meeting. Even though most of us were reading what we wrote the spirit was so strong and I absolutely loved being able to speak in Portuguese my testimony of the gospel! It’s crazy how much you can learn in such a little time with the help of the spirit.

We’ve been focusing so much on our purpose as missionaries these first few days. I was excited before but being here makes it so much more real that I’m about to go out and talk with people who are searching for truth and we have it! We’ve been doing a lot of mock investigator situations and it surprises me how much love I feel for them in even a practice situation. I know with all my heart that the gospel is what will make them happy and want them to accept the message we share.

Another random thought. It’s cold here! Even our room was freezing the first night. I ended up using those brown blankets we had at heritage that always disgusted me but I was that desperate! After that though we got the temperature figured out so it’s comfortable at least inside.

As Sister Owens and I were in our room studying this afternoon I could hear the marching band playing and I figured they must be practicing, then around 4 it started getting really loud and I realized it’s Saturday so that’s a football game going on. Hopefully the Cougars aren’t too pathetic.

Thanks to everyone who sent letters, they made me so happy!

Well time is about up! It’s crazy how fast 30 minutes go! I wish I could share more but know that I’m loving being a missionary!!! I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life right now. I’m so thankful for the knowledge of the gospel and for the comfort it brings. It really does provide all the answers to life’s questions. We are so blessed to have this knowledge! I can’t wait to be able to apply everything I’m learning here with the people of Brazil!

I love you!

Sister Lund


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